A new year always welcomes a new energy.

If you’re curious to hear where 2018 will take us – join astrologist Crystal B. in Edgewater, NJ for a New Year Astrology Workshop. Get ready to be a part of a fun, interactive & insightful gathering at Roots Wellness Center. Crystal will make sure to leave you “armed and dangerous” (in a good way!) with insight for the year ahead.

Event Details:

January 6, 2018: 3-6pm
115 River Road Suite 10 3rd floor
Edgewater, NJ 07020

Click Here For Crystal’s: Instagram Video of Roots Wellness Center

Expect to walk away with:

  • Insight into the Changing Cycles of 2018 & Tips into using them to your Advantage
  • How & Where Luck & Opportunity Will Manifest
  • Key Relationship Insight – including the time frames of making new Magical Connections & Reuniting with Lovers of the Past
  • Details into why 2018 promises to be a Karmic Year of Relationships
  • Time Frames of New Chapters Beginning & old ones closing out
  • Opportunity Hotspots
  • Specific time frames to avoid initiation & new endeavors
  • Details into the Healing & Spiritual energy available in 2018
  • Planning Tools including how to use the most driving energies to our advantage
  • Special details for every sign

Special Gifts:

All attendees will also receive a free Lunar Calendar and other special take-aways to help make the most of the year ahead! Register prior to Dec 25, 2017 to receive a free approx. 40 page personalized report detailing your personal astrology (exact time of birth will give the most accuracy).

About Crystal:

Crystal B. has been around astrology all her life, as her father is also an astrologer. She works with clients all over the world, runs her popular Crystal B Astrology blog and writes astrological articles all over the web. To learn more about Crystal, her work and client testimonials please visit: https://crystalbastrology.com

Only a limited number of seats available

Reserve your place today and make sure to bring a friend because this is a workshop that will not disappoint. It’s a gift that will keep giving all year long. Walk away with the tools needed to make magic in 2018!