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The August Solar Eclipse is Creating a Perfect Storm for Something New to Ignite

Eclipse season will peak with one of the biggest shows to take place in the last century. Energy is building and the planets are gearing up for the grandest appearance of them all. A rare opportunity is coming along to begin something new that has a flavor of the past. For some of us, that may seem like a crazy notion—while for others it makes perfect sense.

We’re all on a road of some sort and there are always signs out there helping us to see what exit is next. Whatever happens with the August Solar Eclipse is our personal pointer as to where we’re heading next. It’s time to get ready for an entirely new beginning—with a big twist! 

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only August Solar Eclipse Article “The Great American Eclipse”:

Something this Momentous Hasn’t Come Along in Quite Some Time

On August 21st, 2017, a powerful Solar Eclipse will be in effect—opening up an entirely new portal of awareness. It’s been nearly a full century since something like this has taken place and I have no doubt it’s going to be a stunner. The Universe is about to deliver a moment that can allow us to reset the stage and give us a total system reboot. Whether we’re in tune with it or not, the universe is always trying to give us some signs and in this instance they will be coming in loud and clear.

Along with all this comes an opportunity to begin something new. A very special moment arrives as the Moon literally blocks the Sun’s rays—creating a major energy shift.

The only caveat, however, is that the past may very well connect to our new beginnings given that a Mercury Retrograde will be in effect. Something else I want to mention is that eclipses are very much connected to phases and cycles. They repeat the same pattern every 19 years. If we can jog our memory a bit (or a lot!) and think back to what was happening to us in 1998 and 1979 some clues may surface.

Was anything big happening during those times in regards to new beginnings? If the answer is yes, then this very special eclipse will be all the more impactful on a personal level.

In very simple terms, a Solar Eclipse is a powerful New Moon. New Moons in Astrology help us to initiate and begin new endeavors. Sometimes, however, the past has to be cleaned up in order to start a new.

This particular Eclipse Story, or portal of awareness, is a powerful one.

Given that it’s taking place in the very special 29th degree of Leo, it will touch the special and royal Star Regulus. This gives a hint of something very special and perhaps even royal coming out of this. Events surrounding leaders and people in the public eye come to the surface even more.

The sign of Leo will dominate the scene— which will push some of us to take charge and step into the limelight. Perhaps its time for some of us to step up and step out into the crowd. Leo likes an audience and with Regulus involved something of a famous nature could come into play. This eclipse is propelling us to go bigger.

The bigger the better—and this important New Moon will make sure to have a grand audience.

This is the first time in 99 years that an eclipse of this magnitude will be visible across the United State of America (check out space.come and for additional maps).

Credit: Eclipse

People have been making travel plans to see this spectacular show for a long while now and I have no doubt that some travel delays will ensue as they get there. *Special tip: If you’re planning on travelling, make sure to build in some extra time—-Mercury is going retro after all. 

While the universe is propelling us to step into the public eye here, we should be prepared to show off our unique side through the process. A push has been in play all year getting us closer to getting in touch with ‘strutting our stuff.’  Its just that now a major turning point needs to take place.

The good news is that this Solar Eclipse  …. 

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Art Credit: A big shout out to Jennifer Henrikson Photography, who created this special August Solar Eclipse piece for this momentous occcasion. Check out her other great works in her Etsy Shop


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