December 14 2020 Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse

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The December Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Delivers Renewed Optimism & a New Chance to Shoot for the Stars

Even though 2020 has been a truly difficult year, the universe will be throwing us a much needed bone with the December 14 Total Solar Eclipse. It promises to arrive specially wrapped in optimistic Sagittarius spirit. We had to say good bye last month with the November 30 Lunar Eclipse and now it’s time for the concluding part of Eclipse Season. This is the point some new doors begin to open. We cleared space for the next and now we can officially begin to embark upon new beginnings.

The Sagittarius message will be calling us to manifest a new vision and truth because things now look more different than ever. Many of us have gone through a massive overhaul of energies and are have been left tired, bruised and battered. Thankfully, new renewal is now coming onto the scene! Despite any odds stacked against us, this powerful Sagittarius New Moon will be encouraging us to make lemonade out of our lemons.

Sagittarius knows how to make the bleakest situation look a little better. His optimistic nature always has a way of reminding us that everything has the potential to be something better. HOPE is out there waiting for us to grab ahold of it. Never stop believing in something better!

Something out there might be asking you to look out in the distance and put renewed focus into something that you didn’t realize has potential. Maybe it’s just a glimmer or a spark—but a new kind of fire is igniting in each and every one of us now. No matter how worn you feel, something better wants to find you. Be aware of it and use the hope factor shining through to lift your spirits.

We need every ounce of optimism we can get as we see our way into 2021. Use the fire, fuel and optimism of Sagittarius to get moving and become open minded to where the possibilities what to take you next.

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