The Nodal Shift into the Taurus Scorpio Axis is now Underway

The Moon’s Nodes, which are karmic markers in the collective and our own personal astrology, are in the process of transitioning into the Taurus – Scorpio axis. The North Node (where we are going) is falling back into Taurus. Keep in mind that the Nodes always move back (another sign of their karmic and past lives influence). The South Node (influences we’re trying to overcome) goes into Scorpio.

This is creating a whole new laser sharp view into areas that relate to Taurus + Scorpio themes.

Taurus Scorpio Themes Include

✨privacy + security matters
✨wealth, money & banking
✨art & other aesthetics
✨values vs desire
✨supply chains
✨power vs powerlessness
✨money vs power

The Nodes move in 18 year cycles.

The last time they were in these signs was April 2003 – December 2004. Revisiting themes of that period can be insightful into new turning points that now need to take place. Patterns and karmic contracts can be broken or repeated.

Interestingly enough Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room the last time the Nodes were here. With them now coming back to the same place, major developments now need to take place again.

There’s a lot happening in our world and collective that has begun to focus on these themes in a completely new kind of way. It’s happening in our own personal lives as well.

Using the Mean Node calculation the exact date of transition was Dec 22, 2021. Using the True Node calculation it’s January 18, 2022.

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