Neptune by Crystal B.

Today marks a momentous day astrologically for me and all my fellow Pisces!  The planet Neptune has made his way home or into the sign he operates best in – Pisces.  He’ll be living here for the next 14 years and throughout that time have a positive effect on all the water signs (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio).

We can expect to see many things in our world with Neptune living here.  First – watch out gas prices – they most likely won’t be coming down anytime soon.  Neptune likes to dissolve things so he may transform the way we use oil in the coming years.

My laxidasical friend, also has a love of alcohol and well let’s say some other forms of intoxication 😉  We might see some transformation in this area  – perhaps even widespread acceptance of marijuana during Neptune’s stay in Pisces.

Neptune also has a way of putting us under a spell – particularly in the area of love. If you’ve ever experienced love at first sight – this little lover boy is the culprit!  So perhaps some of you out there may be put under his love spell and fall hopelessly in love 😉

Now Neptune does have a naughty side – how could you not being wrapped up with love, alcohol & drugs!  If he’s working against you he can create anxiety and dissolve things in a painful way.  But … for now let’s embrace his good side 🙂

Welcome home my friend – here’s to the next 14 years!

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