Every once in a while we get an opportunity to wake up our soul with a little Adventure.

At the end of February, I took the same advice I wrote about in my 2017 Forecast and set out on doing something very different. I decided to embark upon an adventure to the other side of the world and visit my new friends the Sisters Collective in New Zealand (who I met not only a year before through my website – back story here). We had decided to collaborate together on combining jewelry with astrology at the end of 2016. Meeting in person to work out more of the details was the perfect reason to embark upon going somewhere many people talk about— but never actually get to go to.

It was a crazy, scary and totally invigorating journey all at the same time. Best of all my Dad, also an astrologer, decided to come along for the wild ride. There was a  stir in the air and a need to step outside the box was in order. Sometimes we just have to tempt fate and actually see what’s out there.

Sometimes something magical happens that makes taking these leaps of faith worthwhile.


Now, the part up to actually getting to New Zealand involved a lot of thought, discussion, and preparation.

I’m a mom, a wife, have a family and a lot work that all has to be tended to. Coordinating all the details of stepping outside my normal life took some fancy footwork. BUT thanks to my awesome mom and husband everything worked out. Adding a little fuel to the fire, was the little caveat of flying to the other side of the world at the peak of 2017’s first major Solar Eclipse.

Many people might have opted not to go on such a trip during such a vortex of energy, but the intuitive part of me said there was no better time. Plus my Dad gave me the best astrological advice ever. He said, “Crystal, don’t think you’re going to get to the other side of the world with a wonderful smorgasbord of trines. It’s the squares and oppositions that are going to drive you to do it!” It’s always been rather helpful to have an astrologer’s advice on hand all my life 😉


It’s Approx. 9,0000 Miles from NYC to Aukland New Zealand

The eclipse that we left on did produce some snags BUT delivered an even bigger positive.

We encountered a 6-hour weather delay in our connection from New Jersey to LA. Eclipses, after all, have a funny way of forcing us to come up with a plan B. However, sometimes we can gain something on an eclipse. AND that is precisely what happened in our situation—despite the initial setback. During our 24 hour layover in LA, we were able to connect with one of my favorite people in the world – my brother in law. He moved to LA in 2016 and our landing in his backyard was the perfect opportunity to finally see his new set up. In the end, it was the best delay, I ever had to wait out. How could anyone not enjoy hanging out in Southern Cali for the day? Sometimes plan B isn’t so bad after all.

After traveling for 4 days, we got to the magical place known as New Zealand.

We left on a Saturday and finally set foot in New Zealand on a Tuesday. Given the time it takes to get there along with the drastic time difference (18 hours ahead of my hometown) our minds were a little time-warped. We lost February 28th entirely and lived March 5th twice! My New Zealand adventure also coincided with my birthday, which manipulated my Solar Return given my location.

In regards to my big day, it was a rather neat occurrence to be on such a drastic time difference where I got to celebrate my birthday twice. The first being in New Zealand where I was —and then the 2nd happening on the next day when all my family and friends in America called and messaged me Happy Birthday.

Now, before I even got to New Zealand MANY people told me it was magical.

I saw the pictures and heard some stories but NOTHING topped being able to see it with my own eyes. I swear that I literally got tears in my eyes because of the beauty before me. The appreciation I felt for our beautiful planet Earth is an understatement.

Our gracious hosts & my new friends, Carmelle & Adrienne of the Sisters Collective, were the best tour guides ever. They helped us to explore both the South & North Islands. Even though we landed in Aukland (North Island), we quickly boarded a domestic flight and headed South to Christ Church (South Island) where the girls live. We got to see their beautiful city of Christ Church (which is still recovering from a devastating earthquake in 2011).

Given that both my Dad and I are Pisces and very connected to the water, we also made sure to check out some of Christ Church’s beaches. The city is on the coast and has some of the most beautiful beaches, which were amazing to set foot on.


Our journey continued on into one of the most spiritual places in the world.

Thanks to our guides, we landed at a very special spiritual place known as Kura Tawhiti. The more recent name is known as Castle Hill and it is referred to as the “Spiritual Center of the Universe” by the Dali Lama. As Carmelle told us, it is the ‘heart’ of Waka charged energy. Our eyes were in heaven as we journeyed through the most spectacular limestone boulders— all containing special Māori energy and blessings.

Given the huge vortex of spiritual ancestry, we were also told that we might be visited by guides and spirits of the past. It was an exciting and uplifting experience like no other. Our hike through the beauty allowed us to become very connected to the inner beauty of the earth. It was a true blessing and life changing experience to be a part of such an spiritual place of abundant energy.

We also got the uncanny feeling like the rocks had special messages for us. Their patterns were similar to reading tea leaves and there was something important to be seen and heard as we journeyed through. It was an experience of connecting to our most sacred family member – our mother Earth. 

Castle Hill, New Zealand

Castle Hill, New Zealand

We then ventured into the West Coast, discovering more about the Māori Culture and their rare & precious Pounamu stone.

After several hours of driving we landed in the town of Hokitika, where I celebrated my birthday. During our overnight stay, we learned more about the special Pounamu or greenstone stone which can only be found in southern New Zealand. Pounamu is a very special and rare type of jade that is precious to the Māori culture. It is considered a treasure (or taonga) and is meant to be passed on from one generation to the next.

We were even blessed to get a special tour of a special Māori spiritual meeting house. The mythical stories of the Māori culture were not only inspirational but beautiful and magical all at the same time. Their stories, passed down from generation to generation, connect us to the elements of the Earth (water, air, fire & earth). 


We finished out our adventure back on the North Island.

Just a day later, our whirlwind of New Zealand discovery took us back up to Aukland on the North Island. Given that Venus was beginning her rare retrograde, the astrologer in me told the girls that I would need to leave them when the planet of partnerships was turning back. They were sad to see us go. However, because they were the ultimate hosts, they made special arrangements for us to connect with local friends for a final tour.

My Dad & I landed back in Aukland and made our way to Piha Beach solo, one of the greatest surfing beaches in the world. We took a 24-hour breather here and went swimming on the rocky beach. It was one of the most beautiful places to swim. Despite having a very wild surf, on the day we were there, it felt like we were entrenched in sparkling champagne. The water was just that beautiful.

Funny enough, everyone we mentioned to that we were going to Piha Beach warned us to “BE CAREFUL.” The reason is because the surf can be quite wild. Ironically on the day we got there, it was the most peaceful and quaint water.

As we were leaving, however, the mood got a little darker and gray which I was told by a local surfer was the norm for Piha Beach. He told me, Piha is known as the moody beach. I was thankful we got to meet him on one of his happier days 😉

Our last stop was Waiheke Island.

The journey ended with a boat trip from Aukland to another magical place known as Waiheke Island. Carmelle & Adrienne had connected us with friends who decided to pick us up (total strangers!) and take us for an afternoon outing. We couldn’t believe the hospitality and kindness. While we were nervous to venture off the beaten path only a few hours before our flight back home, the adventurers inside us just went for it.  We had already come this far – why not go a little more.  

And boy were we glad we went for it! Waiheke Island was another place that truly blew our mind. If we had more time we would have loved to go on one of their wine tours or explore more of its beautiful terrain. Even though we had a mere few hours, we got a very special slice of heaven when we stepped off the boat into another one of New Zealand’s treasures.

In the end, my Dad & I made it back to the USA safe and sound (without delay thanks to a better astrological terrain).

We felt connected to the Earth like we never were and so in awe by the kindness that everyone gave to us – especially the Sisters Collective, Carmelle & Adrienne. The things we saw and learned were truly soul awakening. We also really experienced first hand, a world of kindness. In a time where there is so much disagreement in the world, our trip showcased that there truly is a TON of kindness and love out there.

Did it take a leap of faith to get there? Absolutely, but one that all of us, at different ends of the earth, was so blessed to have been able to jump into.

If anyone is interested in connecting to this special vortex, I have a limited amount of Magic Tikis I brought home with me from New Zealand. Find out more about their symbolism of good luck and how to purchase one of your own here.

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