Everyone always talks about their Sun sign but the Moon is likely more important.

The Moon in our personal astrology is the place that represents our feelings, peace, contentment and overall emotional satisfaction. Most importantly, our Moon and mother go hand in hand. It’s the planet that connects us most to our mother and discovering how it operates is a fascinating discovery.

There are three things to look at in order to learn more about the Moon in your Personal Astrology:

  1. Your Moon Sign, or the astrological sign your Moon was living in when you were born, describes not only the way your emotions operate but how you can feel the most content emotionally.
  2. The place (or astrological house) where your Moon lives describes where it is that you’ll go to seek comfort.
  3. The combinations or aspects your Moon makes describes what other influences are working with (and against) your emotional satisfaction.

All three of these things are determined at the moment you’re born and will remain the same all your life – no matter the ups downs and all-arounds.

Most importantly, your Moon and Mother go hand in hand.

No matter what the particulars – we all began our lives with our mothers.  She nurtured, comforted, loved, listened and hugged us in the best way she knew how.  Everyone has a story about their mother and the Moon in our personal astrology represents it.  The Moon also shows us where we need to go to feel love and comfort again because it can get lost through life’s journey.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the love we have for all of the mothers of the World.

There is no love greater than the love a mother has for her children. Even though she may not do everything perfectly – she does the best she can.  She loves in the best way she knows how and will always give the most she can. From one mother to another, I’m wishing all my lovely mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Being a mother is the best and hardest job ever imaginable.  Here’s to all you do every minute, of every day, all year ’round.


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