survival guideInterested in Not Only Surviving But Making the Most of a Mercury Retrograde?

Great – me too! That’s why I put together this Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. Here’s a handy list of 10 simple things we can ALL do to get through ANY troublesome Mercury Retrograde.


  1. Don’t start anything new – but if you do know that the nature of what you’re starting will likely change.
  2. Go back and redo something old; rewriting, redoing, reanalyzing really work here.
  3. Double check your directions (GPS where are you)  if you’re going somewhere new ; Mercury retro loves to play tricks on us when we’re on the go
  4. Meet up with some OLD friends – you’ll be happy you reconnected.
  5. If you do end up meeting someone totally new you likely won’t stay connected with them for too long OR the nature of the relationship will change OR you’ll change your mind about them
  6. Try not to start a new job —but going back to an OLD job will work perfectly. If you’re in the job market rework or redo your resume. If you must start a new job read this important article to ease your mind:
    Starting a New Job Under a Mercury Retrograde
  7. Watch your texts, emails and electronic communications for typos.
  8. Try not to get caught up in negotiations – the process may take longer than you had hoped
  9. Stay away from big purchases – you may change your mind about it when the retro is over.
  10. Be patient with yourself…. and others.  Lots of people tend to change their minds about things during this time.  They can’t help it – they are in reassessment mode and can’t snap out it till Mercury resumes his forward motion.

Above all remember my favorite saying “I will make better mistakes tomorrow” because we’re all human and mistakes are bound to happen.  That’s what life is about 😉  Here’s to another Mercury retro keeping us on our toes!

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