The last Mercury Retrograde of 2018 will be in effect from November 16th – December 6, 2018

It will highlight the sign of Sagittarius and throw some twists and turns into all our BIG ideas. Sagittarius, after all, is the sign that shoots for the stars and thinks that anything is possible. The fact of the matter is that anything is possible—but we need a good plan and strategy to make it happen. The weeks ahead will help us make some new Sagittarius discoveries as we revise certain plans.

Given it’s the holiday season, it might be a good idea to wait till after December 6th to begin your shopping. We might also be meeting back up with lots of people from the past. Mercury is funny like that …. he has a way of making us run into people totally out of the blue.

The most important thing to remember with any Mercury retrograde is to not to make any major decisions till December 6th, when Mercury begins moving forward again. What we CAN DO in order to use this period to our advantage is:  reassess and review the past in order to improve upon the new goals we will make.

Implementing new things usually won’t go our way. Anything that begins here is under a “changing” effect and will likely be altered in some way as time goes on. So keep that in mind as you trek along.

What will work to our advantage is redoing things or re-looking at the way things are operating.

Given that we’re embarking upon a new year, we can use this period to our advantage and review what’s working and what’s not.

Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time to make changes and rework things in a positive way. While they can prove to be more frustrating for some of us vs. others, it’s a good thing to be aware of. The planet of communications backwards motion likes to push us into a zone where important observations can be made. This can ultimately help us make better decisions for the future and improve upon the past.


Rewind + Rework + Redo = Using Mercury Retrograde to our Advantage

With the sign of Sagittarius being highlighted for the most part, we can expect the themes of this sign to take precedence.

Things that we started to think about around the end of October (when Mercury entered his Shadow period) might crop up agai. Back then we might have been quite optimistic in our thinking about the “possibilities.” But now we’re going to be seeing some additional sides to the story. The results of all our redos will become visible by the end of the retrograde (December 6th, 2018) and most prominent by December 24, 2018. This will be the point where Mercury leaves the Shadow Zone completely.


Here’s the line-up of where this last Mercury Retrograde of 2018
will be affecting each sign

Aries: Travel, Education & Foreigner Focus

Mercury will be moving retro through your 9th house of higher learning, education, foreigners, travel and spiritual beliefs.  During this retro period you could begin to reassess your education or a learning or teaching endeavor.  It’s even possible that you make the decision to go back to school. Thoughts about travel or something long distance in nature could also resurface in some way – anything foreign related could go through some sort of reassessment. If you are taking a long trip make sure to build in some extra time for travel delays. The 9th house is also the area of public relations and publishing.  You might rethink about some self-promotion matters or re-look at something surrounding this theme.

Taurus: Joint Resources & Debts

Mercury retrogrades, in general, have a deeper effect on your sign given that Mercury is your most important planet. Mercury will be moving retro through your 8th house intimacy, joint resources, help from other people (including gifts), inheritances and things of a sexual nature.  You could be going under reassessment in any one of these areas as a result.  It’s also possible that you re-look at your debts and things you co-own with someone.  Inheritance issues could also surface. You could also reconnect with someone on a sexual nature during this retro period. Taxes are another big theme of this area of your chart. Perhaps you need to go back into prior year taxes or correct errors made in the past involving debts.

Gemini: Partnerships & Relationships

Mercury’s retrograde dance will be taking place all throughout your 7th house of close and personal relationships. This particular retrograde will also likely have a strong effect on you given that it’s taking place in your exact opposite sign. People that you are involved within close partnerships could go through a period of reassessment or reexamination. You might begin to think if they are holding up to their part of the bargain. Your thoughts could make you wonder if you’d be better off without them. Be in tune with your communications with people you are close to. There might be some miscommunications that mess with your inquisitive nature. It’s also possible that relationships of the distant past suddenly resurface again. The past and people you were connected to long ago is a big theme coming into focus. Things of a contractual nature could also go through some reassessment during this re-do phase. Maybe it’s time to make some new adjustments into agreements of the past in order to make them work more to your advantage.

Cancer: Work Related Frustrations & Health Matters

Mercury will be moving retro through your 6th house of working and daily living environment.  You could begin to rethink about your working or living environment and decide to make some changes.  Additionally, your schedule could get mixed up or you go through some minor aggravations on the work scene. It’s also possible that co-workers of the past come back or you get into contact with them again.  Pay particular attention to your working environment and interactions with co-workers. There might be some communication challenges in this area. Additionally, take good care of your health and make the time to take care of yourself. The 6th house is the area of health and getting connected to your body. If you get test results – watch out for skewed data. Firm results may not come about until Mercury moves forward once again. Pets could be another matter of issue to contend to. I’d advise not getting a new pet during this retrograde – you will likely change your mind about doing so later on.

Leo: Past Romances, Children & Creativity

This time around, Mercury will be moving retro through your 5th house of children and you could begin to reassess certain things pertaining to them.  You could also rethink outlets of fun or someone you connected with romantically.  Old lovers of the past could also suddenly resurface. Business ventures or things of a speculative nature (stocks or financial ventures) could also be reexamined. With your area of self-awareness being reassessed, you might begin to ponder the possibilities of what makes you happiest. If you are out of touch with having fun or finding a good outlet to release tensions, this Mercury retrograde can help you find it.

Virgo: Family Matters, Home Improvements & Real-Estate

Mercury retrogrades, in general, may have a deeper effect on your sign given that Mercury is your most important planet. This time around, Mercury will be moving retro through your 4th house of home and family. You may begin to rethink about where you live or reassess family situations. It’s also probable that you find yourself withdrawing a bit during this period and spending more time with your family.  Your thoughts could also gravitate into the past and situations involving family members could creep back into your psyche. Be in tune with this because there could be a link in a situation of the past to a new one happening around you today. Communicating with a parent could help you get to the bottom of what you need to discover. Just be on guard for miscommunications with family members because sensitivity with them will be high. I’d also be careful about making big purchases with real estate during this time – unless it’s a property that you’ve known from the past. New things that crop up now may seem enticing but you will likely change your mind on them later on down the road. Use this 3 week period to get in touch with what you really want in a home if you are looking to make a big purchase.

Libra: Communications, Short Trips & Siblings

Mercury will be moving retro through your 3rd house of communications and this means that anything “communications” related needs to be looked over carefully and possibly relooked at. This could potentially make this Mercury retrograde a tad more annoying for your sign. You could end up feeling like people aren’t getting your point so take extra care to say what you mean and mean what you say. Plan for extra time in taking short trips as well since you may notice some car issues. Sometimes the strangest things happen, technologically, during Mercury retros and then seem to miraculously fix themselves once the retro period is over. However, things could also come to a point where you decide that it’s time to let a mode of transportation go. Be cautious if you decide to buy a new car or vehicle during this time. Buying used might work better. This Mercury Retro period could also end up making you “re-think” something in relation to one of your siblings or cousins. You could also end up reconnecting with a family member or someone from your past childhood.  In general, this is a good period for you to re-do, relook or rework anything communications-related. When it’s all said and done, you could end up making whatever you rework – better than ever.

Scorpio: Money, Close and Personal Possessions, & Things You Value

Mercury will be moving retro through your 2nd house of money and close and personal possessions. That means you’re going to need to work extra hard to remember the financial side to all your big ideas. Since Mercury has a tendency to make us re-look at things as well as rework them – you could find yourself re-looking at your budget, savings plan or finances in general. This is not an ideal time to spend a lot of money because you will likely change your mind about it later on. It’s also possible that you use this focus on your 2nd house to detach from money and reconnect with things on a non-material plane. Refinancing things are quite common during this period and that would work well for you now. If you’ve been thinking about going through a reworking of a loan this could also be a good time to look into making that happen.

Sagittarius: Your Look & Personal Identity

This particular Mercury retrograde will have a deeper effect on your sign given that the trickster planet will be traveling through your sign. This is why it’s going to be very important for you to be in tune with the energies in play. Special Note: Have some Plan B’s in your back pocket! Mercury will be moving retro through your 1st house of personal identity and this could make you reassess the way you look to others.  Perhaps something comes over you to switch up your look or enhance yourself in some way. Making a decision to get healthier or start an exercise routine are perfect examples of this. This energy could also have a bearing on how you relate to others and how you want to be seen and heard. There is reassessment going on in the area of how you make your personal stamp on the world and it’s going to be important for you to recognize that need. If we aren’t aware of what we need, we have no motivation to get out there and make things happen. If we don’t have an outlet for our desires, then the energy ends up building up and coming out in negative patterns. Take care of yourself during this period and make sure to set some time aside for yourself. The stronger you are mentally – the more you’ll be able to accomplish.

Capricorn: Things of a Hidden Nature

Mercury will be moving retro through your 12th house and this means that his influence could be affecting you on a subconscious – inward plane. You may begin to be more in-tune with the hidden side of your personality. There’s a pull for you to seclude and want to be by yourself.  If you need to get any sort of research done, Mercury’s movements through this area will help you. Additionally, you want to be aware that you may get a little more sensitive to what others say about you during this period. You may feel like they are against you since this is an area of “hidden enemies.” However, in reality most time people are not against you— it’s just that you’re more sensitive to the things that they are saying. In general, this is a going to be a good period for re-working or re-looking at things. Iif you can do it solo that would work better— but if not take criticism with confidence knowing that additional input will only make what you created better.

Aquarius: Friends

Mercury will be moving retro through your 11th house of friends, associations and groups you belong to. You could begin to reassess certain friendships or groups you belong to during this time. It’s also possible that you reconnect with friends or groups of your past. Use this energy to your advantage and make plans to see friends of the past. There is something out there wanting you to do so. If you’ve been meaning to reconnect – make some time to make that happen. In general, this is a good period for re-working or re-looking at things but another key theme are groups you belong to.  On a deeper theme, you could also be rethinking or reassessing your deepest and most profound goals since the 11th house is the area of “hopes and dreams.” Given that Mercury can be a little trickster during this period, you could also end up with communication snafus with friends or even minor irritants involving acquaintances along the way.

Pisces: Work & Career

Mercury will be moving retro through your 10th house of career and this could push you to begin rethinking about things involving your career or how you are seen in the public eye. This is not a good time to begin a new job. If you do – keep in mind that it will change in nature in some way, shape or form. Issues with a parent could also surface given that your area in play involves a prominent parent. If you do begin to have these thoughts about your work and career, this is a good time to take a new look at your resume and revise it. On the plus side, this is a great time to go back to an old job or revisit jobs of the past. It’s also possible that you reconnect with people from an old job. Given that your house of career is so prominent with this Mercury retrograde, this article is going to be important if you are starting a new job:





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