Mercury Retrograde: March 5-28 2019

Mercury Retrograde Through Pisces In Effect March 5-28 2019

The first Mercury Retrograde of 2019, begins on on March 5, 2019 right alongside both the re-entrance of Uranus into Taurus (a MAJOR 7 year cycle of change) AND a Pisces New Moon.

The sign getting all of Mercury’s attention will be Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac and perhaps the most sensitive. Emotions will run through oceans of emotions as a result. Uncertainty, as well as the potential for healing, will be also be around through this 3.5 week stretch. It’s going to be up to each of us to do our best as we roll with the continual waves of change.

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s Member Details into this Mercury Retrograde Period

This Particular Mercury Retrograde Has the Potential to Shine a Healing Light on Some of Most Important Relationships

With the emotional sign of Pisces, getting full retrograde action we can expect some attention on how we process our emotions. Some of us are much better at this than others and Mercury’s backwards motions will test our feeling waters. Confusion (another Pisces trait) could also kick up in certain themes of our lives. Relationships, particularly those that are causing pain or uncertainty will also get our attention.

We might come to realize that it’s time to ‘re-think’ or ‘re-analyze’ some of our prior decisions–for good reason. With Pisces being the sign without boundaries, it’s likely going to be necessary to put better boundaries into place.

Pisces is also the sign of forgiveness and while we may have certain grievances—this important reflection time could come with some benefits. Given some of the planetary plays happening alongside this Mercury Retrograde we’re going to get some help fine-tuning our feels. A healing effect has the potential to resonate if we can go within ourselves— rather than focus on others.

Some things will stay – while others will ultimately need to go. New truths will become apparent and a more solid foundation will have the opportunity to be built upon. Our results will become visible by the end of the retrograde (March 28, 2019) and most prominent by mid-April (April 17th, 2019). This will be the point where Mercury leaves the Shadow Zone completely.

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