Mercury Retrograde in Virgo here we come.

Despite all the negative feelings that may come from the mere mention of “mercury retrograde, ” I think this period is going to be an opportune time to “re-organize” all the looming chaos. This period will also throw the past back into the mix.

Retrogrades like to take us back in time —in addition to helping us reconnect with people of the past. New chances are going to start popping up that will help us re-work things as well as get rid of any underlying emotional cobwebs. Virgo likes to clean things up and her energy will be guiding us to “clean” all our mess up.

My biggest piece of advice is to get whatever you need to done —prior to August 12th. That date marks  the point when the 3rd miscommunications period of 2017 (aka: Mercury Retrograde) officially arrives.

In order to think more bout the look and feel of this particular retrograde, we’ve got to put our Virgo glasses on. Everything about this Mercury Retrograde is going to center around the traits of the sign that likes to bring order to chaotic situations.

We can deny that Virgo gets called the “perfectionist” all too often even though that’s not what they are all about. This is the sign that notices the details and can be very discriminating in their choices — but it’s for the greater good. They have an instinctual drive to create order and bring practicality to situations. Given the intensity of Eclipse Season, we’re going to need this Virgo energy to help calm the chaos.

There is also an important beginning stemming out of the past, given that a Major Solar Eclipse is going to be taking place right along side this Mercury Retrograde.

Virgo’s traits and themes will be exemplified to the fullest during this retrograde:

  • Routines
  • Self Care
  • Healthcare
  • Exercise
  • Service to others
  • Work & Co-workers

Mercury Retrograde Through Virgo will be in effect from August 12th – September 5th, 2017

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Portal discussing the ins and outs of this Mercury Retrograde.

The most important thing to remember with any Mercury retrograde is to not to make any major decisions till September 5th when Mercury begins moving forward again. Interestingly enough, that date also marks a point where the things we started with the August Solar Eclipse really begin to come together. So this period is going to be all the more important in adjusting to our new chapters in order to really make them work.

In general, implementing new things usually doesn’t work well during a Mercury Retrograde. Anything that begins is under a “changing” effect and will likely be altered in some way as time goes on.

What does work is redoing things or re-looking at the way things are operating. Adjustments may need to be made. Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time to make changes and rework things in a positive way. While the process can sometimes be frustrating, it’s the perfect time to make a decision to redo something or take a new perspective into the way things are operating.

With the sign of Virgo being highlighted for the most part of this period, we can expect the themes of this sign to take precedence.

Given that Virgo is a sign that notices details, an extra dose of discrimination or “nit-pickiness” could come to the table. In general, many of us may decide to change our routines and find a better way. Matters of health could also come under reassessment and the decision for better self-care could begin. Work-place issues could also be highlighted on higher level given that Virgo is the “work-oriented” sign. 

*If you want to think back a bit, Mercury went retrograde in this sign in September of 2016. Thinking back to that time period of your life may give you some hints into the precise way this Mercury Retrograde will effect you. 

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