Mercury Retrograde Will Be In Effect October 31-November 20

Get ready for a whole new twist into Scorpio season! Mercury will station retrograde in the sign of the great mystery on Halloween through the first several weeks of November. The good news is that the holiday season will be free of clear of Mercury’s tricks this year.

The bad news is we’ve got to muster up another round of diversion to get through Mercury’s final 2019 tricks.

Scorpio is a sign that enjoys questions, as well as control. I think we can expect a lot of questions, with not a lot of definitive answers till Mercury goes direct. Try not to get too caught up in the drama and intensity. Scorpio evokes strong and passionate feelings. With Mercury tripping up the playing field inner crises moments are bound to surface.

Something pretty darn special with this Mercury Retrograde takes place on November 11th

At that time a very RARE transit of Mercury takes place. This day marks a 5 hour stretch of time when Mercury can be seen as a little black dot crossing over the face of the Sun. Those in North America will see it the best, but a telescope will be necessary. Whether you see it or not, important events will likely come onto the scene … especially since a Taurus Full Moon takes place the next day. Weather issues in particular may surface. Watch your travel plans.

There are about 13 transits of Mercury each century. This won’t happen again till 2032!

The most important thing to remember with any Mercury retrograde is to not to make any major decisions until Mercury starts moving forward again. In this case that date is Nov 20th. 

What we CAN DO in order to use this period to our advantage is:  reassess and review all that’s happened in 2019 in order to improve upon where are goals need to go next (and you should have them as you head into 2020 a very goal oriented year). By the end of the retrograde, your thinking (Mercury) about a certain situation may look totally different than it did at the beginning.

Rewind + Rework + Redo = Using Mercury Retrograde to our Advantage

The Cons: Implementing new things usually doesn’t work well during this period. Anything that begins here is under a “changing” effect and will likely be altered in some way as time goes on.

The Pros: What will work to our advantage is redoing things or re-looking at the way things are operating. Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time to make changes and rework things in a positive way.

The Next Mercury Retrograde Period takes place Feb 16th-March 9th in the Signs of Pisces & Aquarius