It’s Time to Gear Up for the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2020 in Effect Oct 13 – Nov 3

Trickster and communication guru, Mercury will  be making quite the moves as he dances through his last retrograde of 2020! He will station retrograde on October 13 in the sign of Scorpio, back track into Libra and station direct there on November 3 (election day in the USA!). The good news is that there’s another opportunity to revamp your 2020 plans. The bad news is you’ve got accept another round of diversions, plan B’s & general Mercury trickeries!

Let’s take a look at how this Mercury Retrograde is going to play out in the skies …

Phase 1: Mercury Rx in Scorpio (Oct 13 – Oct 26)

Scorpio is the place where Mercury begins his backtrack.  This sign enjoys questions, as well as control. I think we can expect a lot of questions, with not a lot of definitive answers. Information will be swirling, in addition to discussions on conspiracy theories and people going against each other. When Scorpio gets upset, the stingers come out. Try not to get too caught up in the drama and intensity. Provoking someone at this time is not going to gain you anything—expect for upset. Scorpio evokes strong and passionate feelings. With Mercury tripping up the playing field, inner crises moments are bound to surface.

Phase 2: Mercury Rx in Libra (Oct 27 – Nov 3)

Libra is a totally different vibe. This is the sign of relationships, peace, harmony and equality. It’s more of a talker than a thinker. Libra wants to share its views out in the open vs. keeping them secret, like Scorpio. Libra is the place where Mercury will move forward. Despite all other difficulties, the Libra essence will be looking to come through. Mercury will have some battles to face, however, as he fights for justice and compromise.

Once Mercury moves direct, an important balancing act will need to come to fruition. We might come to realize that things we started under the Libra New Moon (Member Only Link) (Oct 16) might need a little fine-tuning. I also can’t help but mention that Mercury stations direct on Election Day in the USA. This will likely make for additional disruptions, uncertainty and general miscommunications about the results. Mercury is always on over-drive when he starts moving forward again. Expect to not know the election results right away.

From a general stand point, the results of this Mercury Retrograde will become most prominent by November 19. This will be the point where Mercury leaves the Shadow Zone completely.

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