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Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius here we come.

Now that we’ve shot our arrows of possibility in 2017, it’s time to see just how far they can go. Given that Mercury likes to mess with us during his retro phase, we can expect that some of those arrows will likely be taking a few detours.

Despite all the negative feelings that may come from the mere mention of “mercury retrograde, ” I think this period is going to really help us reevaluate where we are going next and what it’s going to take to get there. Get ready to throw some elements of the past back into the mix too – because there may be some unsettled business to take care of before we can fully immerse into the New Year.

Retrogrades like to take us back in time —in addition to helping us reconnect with people of the past. New chances are going to start popping up that will help us re-work things as well as reassess what needs to happen next.

As far as love and relationships go, if you’re looking for a holiday fling – then romance it up. But if you’re looking for long term commitment, I’d say there is more probability on something long lasting taking route with someone of the past. New people we meet during Mercury retros tend not to manifest into long term commitments.

My biggest piece of advice is to get whatever you need to done —prior to December 3rd. That date marks the point when the 4th and final miscommunications period of 2017 (aka: Mercury Retrograde) officially arrives. It’ll come in with a bang too given that there will be a Super Full Moon in play. Mercury will come onto the scene with big flashlight in hand shedding a light into some things that needs readjustment.

In order to think more bout the look and feel of this particular retrograde, we’ve got to put our Sagittarius glasses on. Everything about this Mercury Retrograde is going to center around the traits of the sign that likes to SHOOT FOR THE STARS & GO BIG.

Interestingly enough, debbie downer Saturn has been travelling through this sign over the last 3 years creating a lot of difficulty for my Sagittarians. He will make his final transition out of Sagittarius (and into Capricorn) right in the middle of this retrograde. That means despite the sign of Sagittarius getting the brunt of the Mercury nonsense – they have something to jump for joy about.

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Mercury Retrograde through Sagittarius will be in effect from December 3rd – 22nd, 2017—just in time for the Holiday Season!

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