Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: June 18-July 12 2020

​Something of the Past Calls Us Back with the Second Mercury Retrograde of 2020 Beginning on June 18

Mercury will station retrograde between June 17-18 (depending on your time zone)in the emotional sign of Cancer ( the place he’s been operating since May 29). While all MR’s can be aggravating, this one may be a little extra troublesome. The reason is because it’s taking place alongside Eclipse Season (powerful endings & beginnings). Mercury Retrogrades are about going back and eclipses are about completing old cycles in order to make way for new ones. With both operating at the same time, we can expect old doors to close and the new ones opening to have a flavor of the past!

We will likely see a lot of emotional reactions as the planet of communications back tracks through the sign of the crab. Communications in Cancer, the sign that likes to revert into its shell, can be quite passive aggressive. However, with intense feelings brewing for some time now, someone will have the potential to seethe or blow. Watch out for pent up anger & aggression which has already been circling in major ways.  Finding a positive energy outlet during this time will prove beneficial. Feelings will need to have a way to flow or difficulty will arise.

What we CAN DO in order to use this period to our advantage is:  reassess and review the past in order to improve upon whatever our new goals are.  By the end of the retrograde ( July 12 ), your thinking (Mercury) about a certain situation may look totally different than it did at the beginning. There will be many twists & turns along the way. However, the most important insight and turning points will stem out of the June 21 Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the July 5 Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. 

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer June 18- July 12 2020

https://www.crystalbastrology.comThe second Mercury Retrograde of 2020 begins on June 18! Learn WHY something of the past is calling us back. Access more in...