The First Mercury Retrograde of 2021 is in Aquarius and in Effect Jan 30 – Feb 20

Something trippy is about to go on as the communications guru, Mercury, goes through his first retrograde of the year in “out of this world” Aquarius. In general, expect to take some important detours regarding some of your most recent initiations. This will also be a great period for some brilliant reinvention.

Something of the past may need to find a new light and get reinvented in a totally new kind of way. Pay particular attention to what initiatives were around you mid January. That was the time when Mercury entered his shadow zone. And now at this stage, a new twist needs to transpire surrounding those beginnings. Another thing to consider if that whatever area is tripping you up will ultimately end up being radically important. The reason for that is because Aquarius (the sign that influences this Mercury Retrograde) is the sign that will be most active in our astrology all year long!

The most important thing to remember with any Mercury retrograde is not to make any major decisions until Mercury starts moving forward again. In this case that date is February 20. That date is when Mercury stations direct once again and give us a green light into getting back on track. This will also be the point where we’ll be able to assess all truly see both PROS & CONS of all the discoveries we’ve made along the way. Life is life, however, and sometimes we do need to initiate during these periods. If that’s the case for you, then be open minded to the possibility that whatever is beginning will have some sort of “twist’ or become something entirely different as time goes on.

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