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The May Super Full Moon in Scorpio Will Complete 2020’s Season of Super Full Moons

On May 7, 2020 the third and final Super Full Moon (in a series of 3 in a row) takes place.  An important turning point, perhaps celebration, will come out of the concluding story. Being the last in a series of three Super Full Moons in a row, a finale of some sort is waiting. Transformative Scorpio will be the sign getting the Moon’s attention as she weaves a tale of rebirth. Scorpio is the sign that brings light to dark and ultimately helps us rise up and out of the ashes. It’s a necessary energy that has potential to empower us, just as much as it can take us down. Choose empowerment over getting caught up in negative feelings.

As the night sky gets lit up with this “Flower Moon” it’ll create a passionate wave of emotion.

The choice will yours, as to which way to go. Scorpio, after all, is one of the deepest and emotional signs. When the moon is ripe in her arena, we can’t help but feel a stir in the air. Secrets and important revelations are bound to appear. Perhaps a few snakes will come out of the cracks too. However, when I take a step back and look at the picture, I really like this month’s Full Moon story. It creates a much needed shift and push of where we need to go next.

This May Super Full Moon will be taking place before a major backwards turn of energy. By May 13th, Venus, Saturn & Jupiter will all be in their retrograde periods, creating major stalls in where we want to go.

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