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May’s New Moon in Tricky Gemini Has the Potential to Deliver Some Surprises

On May 25th, 2017, the May New Moon will take center stage in the communicative sign of Gemini. Given the many different faces of this changeable sign —it’s fair to say that we might be taken by surprise if we aren’t on our toes. The symbolism and playing field seem to suggest a ‘truth’ (maybe even of a shocking nature) coming out. But we’ll have to see because nobody loves to play more than Gemini. Let the guessing games begin!

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only May New Moon Article “Stirring Up the Pot”:

It’s time to stir up our pots!

How we decide to do that exactly is going to be entirely up to us. With the lively sign of Gemini coming into the New Moon spotlight on May 25th, 2017 a point comes to get things moving. With a lot of extra love coming out of the Moon’s applying trine to Jupiter (the good luck planet) this is a New Moon that can grab our attention —in a good way.

First things first, let’s get a little more up close and personal with our special Gemini. In order to really understand how this New Moon is going to operate, we have to get to know its star player.

Gemini is indeed a lively sign that likes to go places. It’s always got a buzz around it and has a hard time sitting still. Gemini is also similar to a jumping bean – both physically and mentally. If it can’t move around, it likes to get chatty and be mentally stimulated. Their minds are quick and I’ve seen some of the best multi-tasking come out of the Gemini energy.

Gemini, after all, is quite multi-faceted.

As a result, many of us might begin to feel a “stir” around the time of this New Moon to do a little more of this and a lot of that.  Going somewhere new, putting ourselves out there and communicating with others are just a few of the great ways to tap into this upbeat – on the go Gemini energy.

Expect the unexpected as well. Gemini is very tricky and likes to mess with our thinking, so get ready to be puzzled. It also likes to laugh and see the lighter side of life.

I also tend to always think of Gemini as the “2 for 1” sign – since we never quite know what we’re going to get.

Gemini has two people or sides living within them at the same time. Some say it’s an integration of light and dark (like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) while others just refer to it as 2 distinctly different parts (neither good nor bad) to their personality. Given the energies in play, this New Moon could….MEMBERS CLICK HERE: to continue reading “Stirring Up the Pot” including predictive Sabian Symbol Details


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