May 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

The month ahead will likely be another month that’ll keep us on our toes. May delivers not only the completion of Eclipse Season but another Mercury Retrograde and big planet Jupiter’s grand entrance into Aries. A FOG LIFT will take place as so many of the planets finally exit Pisces and head into new, firey and blazing terrain. Many of us might sense a major kick start into moving ahead — but being pulled back at the same time.

There’s excitement, necessity to look back while leaping forward and important business to wrap up. Action is going to come back into favor and many of us will begin moving out of avoidance. Courage to step into the new is calling. It’s a ton of energy wrapped up in short span of time.

In the coming weeks, we’ll experience the grand finale of Eclipse Season with a Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse, the second Mercury Retrograde of 2022, Jupiter’s ingress into Aries, a super power charged Mars + Jupiter conjunction and a highly communicative and social Gemini New Moon. There is A.L.O.T. happening from every angle! And for the May particulars for your sign, grab your free horoscope below. Everything I write in my horoscopes is showcased realistically with positivity and practicality.

All the extra personal details of my May 2022 forecast can be found in my Member Horoscopes. You’ll find videos, special articles and cosmic monthly wisdom to help guide you through and plan accordingly! Just like there is a lot happening in the month ahead, there’s a lot in my membership to explain it ALL!

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