May 2021 Horoscopes and Astrology

Get ready for a MAJOR month of lots of planetary action! May begins with the beauty, strength and stabilizing energy of Taurus Season and ends in moveable, communicative and curious Gemini. These two energies will mix it up all throughout the month with the planets weaving through these signs. There will be a really nice Taurus New Moon to look forward to, as well as lucky Jupiter’s turn into Pisces (a big move on his part!). At the end of the month, Big Daddy Saturn makes his annual turn retrograde and a Blood Moon Eclipse lights up the night. The cherry on top will be Mercury’s turn retrograde to close it all out!

There’s just A.L.O.T. going on! Including a celebration across the world to honor all mothers!

Listen to my May hello and get some quick insight into the planetary hotspots and what to expect in the month ahead. Check out the links below to your free horoscopes to see what to expect for your sign. And if you want more May 2021 Horoscopes info, videos and cosmic wisdom to help guide you through check out my Membership Options. There’s so much more on the other side!

May 2021 Astrology Forecast with Crystal B

Learn more about all the planetary twists and turns of the month of May! It promises to deliver a strengthening Taurus New Moon, magical encounters with Jupiter's entrance into Pisces, a Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse!, Saturn's retrograde and a Mercury retrograde!

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Some of May’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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