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May 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology 

It’s time to shift gears and head into a new month and energy plane. Taurus Season is in full motion, which is traditionally a time to slow down and “smell the roses.” Taurus is also a sign known for its strength and perseverance which are tools we all need to get through these trying times. With so many of us still operating behind closed doors, a buzz is building to get out. I expect important shifts to happen to help us get a little more breathing room, but it likely won’t come as quickly as we want.

A necessary slow down comes into play with Saturn and Jupiter joining in on the retrograde party. Venus, the planet of love, will also join in on the backwards dance as she heads into her rare retrograde. Get ready for some karmic twists alongside important relationship awareness. Connections of the past may be looking to reconnect!  The sign of Gemini will be getting a lot of attention as Venus tells her 40 day tale.

The 3rd and Final Super Full Moon of 2020 in Scorpio Delivers Rebirth & Transformation

Super Full Moon Season has been in play since March 9th, the time when the COVID crisis came to a head. Now, we finally will have the 3rd piece of the puzzle which will help us move forward. The sign of Scorpio takes the scene and helps to create a new shift in how we will rise from the ashes. Insights coming out of that will be important. Scorpio is a sign that knows how to light up the dark.

Mother’s Day is also celebrated this month and there is no time like the present to honor the special ladies in your life. It’s also an opportune time to continue to respect our Mother Nature, for we have witnessed just how powerful she can be. Get more of the details with my monthly video. Find out more of the ins and out for your sign and check out all the calendar tools below. And if you want more of the details including additional videos check out my Membership options … written by yours truly.

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