May 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology

The May 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology Puts Us in Touch With Our Ability to Keep Grounded

May is a month where we have a chance to catch our breath and get more in tune with our personal stamina (or super powers). All its earthy energy will help calm our troubles and allow us to become more aware of all the beauty surrounding us. With Taurus season in full effect there will be plenty of stamina, as well as visual candy to help awaken our senses and desires of what’s to come.

A stabilizing Taurus New Moon will help pave the way for new intentions as we look out. Despite any hiccups or delays we may have encountered in the past few months, this important universal reset can help us get back on track. Important slow downs will be necessary, however, with many of the planets now fully immersed in their annual retrograde periods. Communications centered Mercury will also be moving into a slower mode of operation as he enters the sign of Taurus. It’s going to be important to take some time to really contemplate the next best move. Slow and steady wins the race!

Sweet Venus will join the Taurus party as she emerges into the sign mid-month. This is something to look forward to – as it’s one of her best placements. Her partner in crime, Mars, will also make a wardrobe change and head into crabby territory. He makes his official move into Cancer at the same time that Venus moves into Taurus. Thankfully, they’ll be working together as we move ahead.

May’s Full Moon will center all around the deep, dark & regenerative sign of Scorpio. I’ve got to say this is one of my favorite Full Moons in a while so I was excited to report on it and reveal its story. I definitely see some winners, as well as important truths, blazing out of its dark waters.

Lots to take in as we look out ahead! Most importantly, some new stabilization is starting to settle—even with Mars still dancing in jittery Gemini as we kick off the month. Many of us need a break given the intensity of the first months of 2019. Thankfully, the May energy welcomes a good zone to take a little bit of a breather. It’ll also benefit to take some time for ourselves & enjoy the little things that sometimes mean the most.

Enjoy where the month ahead takes you, as well as all the discoveries you stumble upon!

May Horoscope Hot Spots

Taurus Cazimi New Moon (May 4th), Mercury Enters Taurus (May 6th), Venus Enters Taurus + Mars Enters Cancer (May 15th) Scorpio Full Moon (May 18th) & Sun enters Gemini (May 21st)

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