The May 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Delivers Shock, Surprise & a Magical Carpet Ride

After an intense April, we’re all going to enjoy the month of May coming onto the scene quietly and peacefully. The only caveat is that it’ll likely shake and surprise us as it gets going. By the time May is through our perception on things may go through some radical change and not necessarily in a bad way. The weeks ahead will likely be the most important turning point moments of 2018.

Things in the universe are changing and where we go from here may not be precisely what we were thinking. With major planetary shifts taking place, including Uranus’ sign change into Taurus, the universe is getting ready to deliver some additional surprises. Thankfully there will be a little magic thrown into the mix including a pretty special lucky May Full Moon. New opportunities will certainly start cropping up to help us keep chugging along. Find out more about the month ahead in Crystal B’s monthly astrology video. 

What's on the planetary menu

May 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Sun Jupiter Opposition (May 8), Taurus Cazimi New Moon + Uranus Sign Change into Taurus (May 15), Mars Uranus Square (May 16), Jupiter Neptune Trine (take 2!)(May 25) & Sagittarius Full Moon (May 29)

Find Out More About What it All Means in Member Access Including:

  • New VIDEO + WRITTEN Horoscopes for each Sign
  • Details & Tips into Specific Hot Spot Dates + Complete May 2018 Transit Explinations
  • May’s Moon Cycle Calendar
  • May ‘Shocker’ New Moon Article + Tips for Dealing with it: “Bulls of Change”
  • May Full Moon Article incuding How to Use this Energy to Your Advantage: “Luck + Opportunity & the Power of Yet”
  • Personal Themes Highlighted During both New & Full Moon Phase
  • Sabian Oracle Insight
  • Deeper Personal Understanding of the new Uranus in Taurus 7 yr Cycle
  • Long Term Influences including
    • Personal Effects into the Important Mars/Pluto Cycle that wasTriggered in late-April
    • Chiron in Aries Transit
    • Saturn in Capricorn
    • Jupiter in Scorpio Personal Effects
    • 2018 Horoscopes
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