Master Astrology Wheel

Crystal B. Astrology Master Wheel

A Master Wheel is Necessary for Any Serious Astrology Student

I’ll never forget the day my Dad (my master astrologer) gave me a print of a wheel called “Astrology is the Clock of Destiny. I treasured it then—and still do now.

If you ever come to visit me in my little Astrology Office in NJ you will see it hanging on my wall . If you click the link above you can see it for yourself and if you love astrology as much as I do you’ll know that this is a treasured gem. I have come to find the older astrological pieces are the most inspiring and beneficial.

Along with the old, you’ll also encounter the new.

My new Master Wheel drawn out by me and illustrated by Danny Carran is also hanging in my office and a beauty to see in real life.

The wheel brings to life where each of the signs and their rulers are placed in their “home base.” It’s color coded to show you what element each sign belongs to – as well as it’s Polar Opposite. The house angles are also indicated to show how the angle types work on the astrological wheel.

Keep in mind that our personal astrology charts will not follow this layout precisely. We would need to turn the wheel to line up your Rising Sign with the Ascendant (rising sign is another word for the Ascendant/ASC).  The MOST important angles are shown by the pointing arrows – the Ascendant (ruler of the 1st house), IC (ruler of the 4th), Descendant (ruler of the 7th) and Midheaven (ruler of the 10th).

Ascendant, IC, Descendant & Midheaven

These angles indicate the 4 core needs in life: our self/physical body / home & family / relationships / career & general life direction




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