mars retrograde 2014Mars Retrograde 2018 Begins on June 26 & It’ll Be Important to Know the Real Deal

We’re approaching a time where a real slow down in the Zodiac is about to begin. On June 26th, 2018 (right alongside a powerful full moon) the planet of action and drive, Mars, will go retrograde. Now I know….you’re always hearing about this planet and that one going retro … so what’s the big deal with this one going there too? Well folks the answer is A LOT.

Mars going retrograde isn’t just a big deal …. it’s a huge one and let me explain why.

He’s YOUR MOJO and you’re main man when it comes to getting things done. It’s a big deal when he turn gears because he only does it every 2 years or so. For memory sake, the last time was in mid April – end of June 2016.  Mars is a powerhouse and a vital ingredient in our ability to take action. He’s also the place where we release our pent up energy and get our aggression out.

Mars helps you DO whatever it is you want to do and TAKE ACTION to get it done. So when he’s not moving forward it’s going to make getting things done a tad difficult.

This particular Mars retrograde will be even more impactful (and likely difficult) because there will be 3 Eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde happening at the same time.

YIKES! It’s going to be a lot going on all at once which means it’s important to slow down. Keep in mind is that we all have a different way of taking “action” or “doing” things. Your method and mode of acting is based on how your Mars operates in your chart. The bottom line, however, is that when Mars is triggered, fireworks go off and things happen.  We need him for action. So, I’m sure you’re thinking “What the heck is going to happen when he’s moving back ??”

The answer, friends, is that we’re all going to lose some facet of our fabulous Mojo (in all shapes and sizes) because that’s what Mars gives us. Many of us might begin to feel more sluggish and tired. You won’t feel like starting anything new and you might even feel like your libido goes down (Mars is your sexual planet after all). We’ll all have to watch for passive aggressive behavior too because it may crop up in ourselves as well as others. Getting energy out will be muted during Mar’s dance backwards. Things could get dangerous with all this pent up energy in the air.

As with all retrograde periods, Karma is in play and we might get caught up in situations that test our relationships during this “MOJOLESS” period.   Getting rid of pent up anger is going to be important in the upcoming months – or you might fall into that passive aggressive behavior.

Mars retrograde 2018 will be in effect through August 27th and move through 2 signs – Aquarius and Capricorn.

Life doesn’t stop during these periods – it’s keeps on moving! However, it’s helpful to know the energies in play and prepare for them in advance in order to use them to your advantage.

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