Mars in Gemini: The Next Big Shift Aug 20 2022 – March 24 2023

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The Next Big Shift Happens with Mars in Gemini

On August 20, the very beginning stages of a major shift comes onto the scene as Mars enters the sign of Gemini. A drive to freshen things up and engage with a totally new kind of curiosity awaits. Energy will operate in a more upbeat and perhaps scattery dynamic as Mars engages with the mutable, multi-faceted sign of Gemini. Some of us may find ourselves getting bored rather quickly and an inner push to mix things up will start ramping up.

What’s so important to know about this shift is the duration of time that Mars will be hanging out in Gemini. He will be in this sign through March of 2023! That is nearly 7 months and it’s not common. The reason for his extended stay is because of his retrograde which begins at the very tail end of October, lasting through mid-January 2023.

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