Mars Enters Taurus & Makes Headlines as Energy Gets a Total Switch Up

On January 6, 2021, our mode of operation is about to take on a BULLISH quality as Mars makes a BIG move into his brand new sign of the bull, Taurus. This is an important game changer since Mars has been travelling in the same sign (Aries)  for the last 6 months (June 28, 2020). On one hand Mars in Taurus can slow our approach down … and make us more stubborn. Some of us will become more methodical, slow and resistant to make a move. While on the other hand, some of us will feel a buzz and an uncomfortable prompt to step out of our comfort zone ….and do something totally different.

This is because Uranus, the wild and chaotic planet, will be riding close to Mars as he makes his way through the sign that prefers to stay in the safe zone. A choice soon comes to the table to fall into the slow zone, take advantage of Taurus’ lax vibe or acknowledge a sting to do something different and totally wild.

Things are going to get unpredictable the deeper we go into January. Uranus, will begin his wake up as he stations direct right around the January 12-13 Capricorn New Moon creating even more intensity. The biggest headline of all will likely happen on January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day in the USA. This will be the day that Mars and Uranus meet up in a head on collision, alongside a 2nd Quarter Moon in Taurus.

Never discount the power of the bull and it’s energy will heat up through early March as Mars makes his run through Taurus!

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