March New Moon in Pisces: March 6 2019

The March New Moon in Pisces Creates the Perfect Brew For a Little Enchantment

On March 6, 2019 one of the most important New Moons of the year will take place. It’ll highlight the sign of Pisces and help to usher in the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019 and the re-entrance of Uranus into Taurus (a MAJOR 7 year cycle of change). All the planets have been moving full speed ahead since January — but this is the point where some slow down, revisions and possible “plan b’s” need to come into place. 

We’re still running towards something, however, and we shouldn’t let this slow down set us back. All of the other planets will continue to move direct till April 10th so there is plenty of time to keep moving towards our goals. Use the magic of Pisces to imagine the possibilities of where you will go next …. Mercury Retro diversions and all!

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s March New Moon Article “Enchanted”

The March 2018 New Moon in Pisces is Asking Us to go inward Despite the Winds of Change That Will Be Kicking Up

On March 6th, a push may surface for all of us (no matter what our sign) to be a little like Pisces and swim away or escape …. even if it’s just for a little bit. Like the waves of the ocean, many of us are going through a lot of ups and downs. Given the turbulence, this is a perfect time to step away, find a way to get enchanted with something “not so ordinary” and take a little breather.

With the sign of Pisces illuminating the zodiac, an opportunity to get in touch with a little “step away” time comes along. The March New Moon is set to showcase the sign of the ultimate escape artist in more ways than one. It might require some of us to find a way to “swim away” which can equate to many different activities depending on how you want to look at it. Of course the best possible option would be to literally take a day at the beach (a Pisces favorite). Given that is probably not possible for most of us – we can explore other feasible options that can be incorporated into a normal work day. Whether we take a yoga lunch break or tuck away into our own personal kind of enchantment, a need to step out of our normal reality comes into play.

Some of us may get in tune with the magic of Pisces and feel an overwhelming capacity for inspiration. Positive possibilities of what lie ahead could suddenly surface. Others may decide to tuck away and dive deep into doing something spiritual or cleansing for the soul. There could be an overwhelming desire to help someone in need or give back in some kind of way. Pisces, after all, is the sign of the highest form of love — the kind that doesn’t judge and has the purest of hearts.

The last group I want to mention in the March New Moon tale is the one that could get lost in a sea of confusion. Not everyone will know how to manage and process the overwhelming amount of emotions coming front and center. 

No one group is better than the other. They all need to coexist and go through the motions in their own individual way.  When I look at the raw planetary picture I see possibility for something beautiful—amidst a sea of confusion. We’ll all need to process that differently and how that actually happens needs to be honored individually. 

On a personal level, be in tune with what’s beginning at this time in your life. The theme will likely have great importance in the new phases that are igniting. Whatever is happening is likely unlocking the keys to an important chapter that will need time to unfold. 

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