March Full Moon in Virgo: Turning Point to a New Cycle

The March Full Moon in Virgo, taking place on March 7, features a fact vs. feeling encounter and game changer energy with Saturn heading into Pisces. Learn more about what this means for you!

The March Full Moon in Virgo Asks Us to Balance Facts & Feelings as We Head into a Brand New Cycle

There are always two sides to every story and this is what’s revealed with the March 7 Full Moon in Virgo. Given the time that it’s peaking, many of us might actually feel its effects up to the day before. This Full Moon is going to be momentous. The reason I’m saying that is because about an hour and a half after it peaks, Saturn will change signs— something he hasn’t done for 3 years. When he makes a sign change it’s a big deal. Members Only: Learn more about Saturn’s big shift here. 

The Full Moon will just kick everything up to the surface. Taking place in Virgo, it makes me think that many of us are going to want to come up with a new plan. But alas that’s never easy when Pisces gets added into the mix. At the peak of this Full Moon, we’re going to engage with a logical side (Virgo) coming head to head with an emotional one (Pisces). That’s what happens when the signs of Virgo (sign the Moon will be in) and Pisces (sign the Sun will be in) fall on opposite sides of the street.

Each time a Full Moon comes around, we get a chance to encounter two totally different energies and balance things out once again. Because the fact of the matter is that you need both energies to make things works harmoniously. Full Moons are a perfect time to get in touch with whatever is missing —including an awareness factor. Our ability to see things in full focus is always higher when the Moon is brightest.

The Pisces energy will be strong in this situation given that Saturn is heading into the sign. Pisces has a tendency, however, to wear rose colored glasses. It sometimes only wants to see things from certain angles. I’m sensing, given all that’s taking place, that this Full Moon will put a pretty bright light on something that needs to be seen. There’s just no escaping or hiding from it anymore.

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