True Spirit Art Elephant Adventure

True Spirit Art Elephant Adventure

On March 27th, 2017 (10:57PM EST / 7:57PM PST) an important Aries New Moon, particularly in the relationships department, will fuel things up a few notches.

Some initiations are about to unfold and a need to act is front and center. The caveat, however, is that we’ll need to be in tune with the signs that will come in strong as we welcome the March Aries New Moon.  It will fall in the sign of Aries (7° 37) and push us into an arena that this sign likes best – making a decision to act.

Here’s an excerpt from Member Horoscopes surrounding the details of this very important New Moon:

There will be a pause, however, that needs to happen before we can officially “pull the trigger.

Intuition is going to come in strong and there is going to be some insight or a sign coming in to help us see where to go next. Relationships, as well as financial concerns and things we value are going to be an important focal point of this New Moon. The reason for that is because Venus, now deeper into her karmic retrograde, will be speaking very loudly now. She’ll be dancing quite close to both the Sun and Moon reminding us that we’re all fighting for something. Sometimes we have to make some important decisions to win the battle and help us get a little closer to victory.

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Venus’ presence will also be reminding us of that what we value or hold close to our heart is important in where we go next.  The things we want and desire are very apparent right about now.

With the sign of Aries, a fire sign, dominating the scene, the push to be fearless and pioneering comes in strong.

It’s like the flames of fire are heating us up and pushing us to act upon something we’ve been contemplating. If you’ve been looking for a push to jump in feet first or take a stand on something important – this New Moon could be just the ticket.

I just want all of us to be aware of the inside message as well. The one that is calling us to listen to our hearts and where it is we really want to take things next. Neptune, the planet of intuition, is going to working rather harmoniously with Mars (Aries best friend forever). Their combined influence will be helping find the “inside” message and get better in tune with the intuitive message of this fierce New Moon.

The astrological climate has been intense. Many of us are looking for changes to happen and we’re getting ancy in waiting for them to transpire. With so much Aries in play, it’s going to be hard not to act and take things into our own hands now. Some of us have been put in places where we have to stand up – while others have had to embark on totally new territory.  It’s hard to travel through uncertainty and have all those “what if” thoughts swirl through our minds.

The sign of Aries, however, doesn’t think about all the things that can go wrong. He thinks about all the things that can go right.

He’s a pioneer and fearless. The fuel that eggs him on involves seeking out new territory to conquer. Nobody loves a challenge more than him.

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