March 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

Our entire outlook has likely changed considerably as we head into March. From both a collective and personal stand point there is fear, uncertainty and extreme situations taking center stage. As all planets continue to move direct, events continue to heighten and new developments (for better and for worse) forge forward in motion. The stakes are high with Pluto, the planet of destruction, rebirth, power & powerlessness, taking things to the next level. But the blessings of Jupiter may proven even more powerful. Hope and inspiration for something better have the perfect breeding ground. This is the time to keep your spirits up, despite the alarming things surrounding us.

The first two weeks of the month offer special opportunity, high intuition, creativity, romance and unexplainable moments of support. While the remainder of March will be high energy and intense all the way through. Use this awareness not to be fearful, but realistic in what’s possible and what’s not.

March notable mentions include a special opportunity Pisces New Moon, rare triple conjunction between Mars, Venus and Pluto, a Virgo Full Moon, Aries Equinox & entrance of a new astrological year …. plus the important Venus + Mars transition into Aquarius (an important degree point to watch!). There is a lot of energy packed into this month, with considerable event driven occurrences. This is the point in the year where we have no choice but to get in tune with all that Jupiter in Pisces can do for and against us. The wheels of fate are continuing to turn, however, and all of us will have a special place in these building developments.

Something to keep in mind is that Pluto is travelling through his late degrees of Capricorn, creating massive destruction as he moves through. He will continue forward until the end of April when he will retreat back as he turns retrograde. The end of April marks not only the beginning of eclipse season, but the point when Pluto will go the furthest he can this year. In March 2023, he will officially changes signs and enter Aquarius — creating a whole new collective dynamic.

Another important note is that Jupiter is moving closer and closer to Neptune, when they will meet up for an exact conjunction on April 12. This is another rare combination. What it’ll deliver is already in motion but we are yet at the peak point. A huge collection of all things Piscean and Neptunian are going to merge. Jupiter expands everything he touches. Watch for ever expanding oil and gas prices, continued refugee themes, strong needs of escape and spiritual surges. This combination can deliver abundance, romance and dreams coming true just as much as it can deliver illusion and delusion.

Keep positive as you see your way through March. Use the abundance and spiritual nature of Pisces to vision for your future and come up with your new master plan. If you haven’t already, check out my 2022 Guide & Workshop offering for the BIG picture. My Aries Equinox Workshop takes place on March 18.

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