March 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology

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The March 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology Deliver a New Set of Rules to Help Swim Us to Shore

Welcome to Pisces season and some major shifts that will be coming along with it! The month ahead is one of great change and uncertainty given Uranus’ final transition into Taurus and a nearly month long Mercury Retrograde. Confusion and some detours are likely to play a great part of the coming weeks. 

With that being said, I see opportunity for reinvention and some important time outs. There is also some evidence that the beginning stage of this particular Mercury Retrograde may not be as irksome as some of the others. Quite a number of beneficial transits will be running alongside Mercury’s backwards swim through the sign of the sea–Pisces.

Above all things, a necessity to be still or anchor our boats will become apparent as we try to navigate through the turning waves of March. With the sign of Pisces in full focus, use its message to dive deep into yourself and reconnect with whoever it is that you’re becoming. This month’s “enchanted” New Moon will help us get in touch with our version of whatever that is. 

There will also be an impactful Super Full Moon taking place right alongside the Aries Equinox and change of seasons. This important moon will be closing out a cycle of Supermoons—which means it’s time to get ready for a major turning point into some of our most pressing situations!

Ready or not March …. here we come 😉

March Horoscope Hot Spots

Mercury Retrograde (Mar 5th), Uranus enters Taurus + Pisces New Moon (Mar 6th), Aries Equinox & Change of Seasons + Libra Super Full Moon (Mar 20th) & Mercury Direct (Mar 28th)

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