The March 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Deliver Surprising Opportunities as We Swim Through a Sea of Uncertainty

There is a seasonal shift in the air and a renewal in the making. A new astrological year is coming which means new intentions are being asked to be set. The only caveat is that we’ll need to swim through some emotional waves to be clear about what & where are new beginnings really are. The sign of Pisces and all the emotions she brings with her are now taking center stage.  Feelings will be felt and a necessity to catch some feels will be in play as we swim through this sign’s creative, emotional and empathetic terrain. It’s time to go deep into the depths of her ocean and slowly- but surely experience a a process of a renewal.

As I look out into the month ahead, I have much to share in the March Horoscopes that show case two Full Moons and an important “time out” New Moon! Everyone is wondering were we go now that the first set of eclipses are behind us. This is the point where we get to see what’s next in our churning stories. Things will continue to heat up and events will be in play… but a slow down is beginning. March delivers two important planetary retrogrades, amidst a lot of other important planetary events, helping to take us back before we can move forward. 

What's on the planetary menu

The March 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Virgo Full Moon (March 1), Jupiter Retrograde (March 8), Pisces New Moon (March 17), Equinox (March 20), Mercury Retrograde (March 22) & Libra Full Moon / March Blue Moon (March 31)

Discover more personal insight and deeper meaning of your MARCH with: March Horoscopes, Full & New Moon Articles (there are TWO Full Moon in March!), Sabian Oracle Insight, Opportunity Factors, Mercury Retrograde Details, Your Sign’s HOT SPOT dates & SO MUCH MORE

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Your relationships and what you value are about to be very important focal points in the month ahead.

As the month of March kicks off, there will be a big part of you that will want to go under cover. The Sun will be traveling through your 12th house which tends to make us operate on a more inward level—despite an important time that’s brewing.  You might find yourself looking back on your year to see all your accomplishments as well as things you could have done differently. Some redos may be needed, as well as plan revisions, in order to firmly move ahead.

Aries Members: Read More About Your March

New and important developments involving people in your circle are underway.

For a good part of the month, your focus will likely be around groups or organizations you belong to.  With the Sun traveling through your 11th house, you’re in a mode of wanting to be with others – rather than fly solo.  There is a new desire to connect with others and some creative endeavors could take place with a group of your friends. Keep an eye on this month’s New Moon to see precisely what themes come into play …

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Get ready to be seen and heard!

For a good portion of March, the Sun will be highlighting your 10th house of career and place in the public eye. This is going to be a real focal point and there is something pushing you into other people’s view.  With the Sun’s travels through this outward area of your chart, it’s a good time to reassess things and think about if you’re headed in the direction you really want to.  If you’re not, this is a good month to implement readjustments to get back on proper course— particularly because there is a Mercury retrograde on the way

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Changes continue to be in motion but I know there are benefits to be had from all the shifts taking place.

As we kick off the month, keep in mind is that there is a lot of support for your sign with all the “water” energy around. You can appreciate the high emotions (stemming from all the Pisces) swirling around. They may even be helping to give you a boost emotionally. However, with a high energy full moon kicking off the month, you could be absorbing or intuiting more than your fair share of emotions. The moon, after all, is your best planetary friend and when she is stressed — so are you…

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The tides of change have begun to sweep in and your sign is the focal point.

To be honest, your sign has been the focal point for quite a while. But I know that last month’s eclipses delivered new turning points and are probably continuing to do so. If you’ve been feeling the heat because of these changes keep on hanging on. The tides always eventually turn back in our favor and when that time comes your roar will be at your finest…

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Relationships will now become a very important focal point.

With an important full moon kicking off the month in YOUR SIGN – I have no doubt that all eyes are on you! There is a call for your sign to be front and center because quite frankly there are a lot of people that need your keen insight. With TOO much energy swimming through Pisces (your exact opposite) – your sign is needed to balance the uneasy waters

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You’re in the front seat of a rollercoaster ride that’s about to start

However, your attention is needed on getting some much needed stuff done. The beginning of the month will be about work and focusing on everything that you’ve been putting off. With the Sun traveling through your 6th house of work get ready to be busy. You will be in a mode to focus rather than heading out and trying to find an adventure.  Things need to get done and you’re in just the right mind frame to make that happen...

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It’s getting intense out there Scorpio and I know you can feel it

Feelings and intuition, after all, run thick through your veins. It’s not a bad thing and I know if anyone can take intense it is you, my friend.  On the positive, you will be quite in tune with people’s deeper motivations because of your strong intuitive nature. A mystical energy is surrounding us know and your psychic sensors are on high alert. With a ton of the water element in the zodiac right now there is an incredible amount of support for your sign….

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Sagittarius, March is going to bring a balancing act between the needs of your home and career.

There will be quite a lot of energies coming at you all at once – but some opportunity and support will be fueling you along. Important beginnings and endings have been in motion and you have done a lot over the last year to readjust. More twists and turns are in store, but if anyone can tap into the possibilities it’s you. As the month kicks off, an important turning point in your career or place in the public eye is set into motion. A high energy full moon is underway as March moves in and there is a sensitivity around it for your sign…

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A communications centered month is ahead—along with a need for some important decisions.

With the Sun travelling through your 3rd house for a good part of March you will not be bored. A bigger focus is now around you in regards to communications with others. You will likely find yourself talking more than usual. Important moments are now upon you where it will be important for you  to speak your mind. It’s also possible that you find yourself more involved with friends, neighbors and even relatives (like cousins, aunts and uncles). Themes of technology – and even transportation – may be around you more than usual as well….

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Money, your resources & things you value are about to become very important in the month ahead

Your axis’ of money, possessions & desire are activated as I look out into your March terrain. An important focus on your assets comes into play with the Sun traveling through your 2nd house of close and personal possessions. Themes surrounding things you possess or hold close to your heart are activated. You are likely finding your thoughts gravitating towards things that you value no matter what the cost…

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Pisces, March is your month to take center stage!

The upcoming month is going to be action packed and new developments are in motion the most for you. Matters of joint resources as well has help from others could become very important in the coming weeks with the Sun swimming through your sign. A very big year is underway…

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