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Relationships, of All Kinds, Take the Stage With the March 2018 Blue Full Moon

To be quite honest, there is no easy way around this high intensity Full Moon. It’ll showcase energy surrounding the cardinal signs of Libra (WE) and Aries (ME) which means ACTION. Important reveals will also likely come out of it – so get ready for an awareness boost! Full Moons light up the night sky – in addition to awareness surrounding our situations.

If you’ve been feeling broken and unable to put the pieces back together again this moon will be speaking to you the loudest. It’s time to really start to see what areas of our lives need rebuilding because of the Saturn in Capricorn transit.

Here’s an excerpt from the March Blue Full Moon Article in Member Horoscopes:

A Moon Storm begins to brew with March’s 2nd Full Moon.

That’s right — it’s time for a March Full Moon TAKE 2! On March 31st, a Full Moon #2 (otherwise known as a Blue Moon) will light up the night sky. The honest truth is that it’ll likely be even more intense than the first March Full Moon (that took place on March 1st and left many heads spinning).

March comes in with a Full Moon and now it leaves with one. Given the intensity of the combinations involved, many of us will be seeing and feeling its effects several days in advance. It is a lot to handle – I get it. But having a heads up into the storm that’s brewing can help us know what kind of gear to have to get through it.

I know that I don’t like to go out in the rain without an umbrella …. do you?

Which brings me to the tale of this Full Moon #2 taking place in Libra —- the sign of RELATIONSHIPS.

No matter who we are or what our situations may be, we’re all surrounded by relationships….of all kinds. There is the partner, lover, child, friend, co-worker, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, teacher, mother, father, employee and even more including our pets! The decisions we might need to make during this Libra Full Moon will be a turning point (or closure & release) into one of these relationship dynamics.

Full Moons represent endings as well as review & clarity points. Given that this Full Moon takes places a few weeks into a Mercury Retrograde, it’s going to be a great time to review and reassess our current relationship stance. We can really tune in and see what’s working and what’s not.

There is no doubt that we all go through many motions in our relationships. We’re continually presented with new & changing dynamics to go through in all these wonderful (and sometimes awful) connections. There are highs to be had in addition to the extreme lows.

But at the end of the day these necessary relationship experiences make us the person we are today.

In nearly 100% of my client’s stories, I hear mention of another name (if not more) causing the source of conflict for them. Our relationships are the catalysts that create our deepest wounds—in addition to delivering our most profound joys. We’re all learning as we continually try to do our best with the dynamics being delivered. And we all deal with these relationship dynamics differently.

One of the most profound things to discover in a relationship is the art of “detaching with love.”

Which we shall soon find out is one of the most important messages of this particular Full Moon Story…..

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