Feel like your headed toward Lost Vegas?

Well the honest truth is that most of us are! The days leading up to the March 1 2018 Full Moon in Virgo are filled with lots of uncertainty and dazed and confused energy. Get your “what the heck is going on” Astro update with Crystal B’s latest video. Get in tune with what the current planetary energies are and what we can expect next!

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Here’s an excerpt from the Member March 1 Full Moon Article “Lost Vegas”:

An important development comes into play with the first March 2018 Full Moon.

Yes…that’s right…just like January — the month of March will have NOT 1 but TWO full moons. As a result, an important series of events will come to the surface — and the most telling of them all will likely be the March 1 2018 Full Moon.

Two Full Moons in any month is pretty rare and now we’ll be getting a double dose. Changes are still in motion but a good amount of confusion and disarray is coming along for the ride.

In the days leading up to this Full Moon, some of us may feel like we’re on a major detour about to board a plane to ‘Lost Vegas‘.

Knowing the ins and outs of this planetary terrain is important in steering the course of where we go next. Without a little insight we could end up going to a big lost nowhere.

My reason for saying all this is because there is currently a ton of dazed and confused Pisces energy swimming about. A tendency to get lost, as well as be surrounded by a big fog will is around to the max.

Many of us may be feeling like we don’t know what to do and not be able to decipher a clear way out….

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