Join Me in Caldwell NJ on June 2 at Indigo Yoga for a Relationship Astrology Workshop

If you are interested in discovering more about the dynamics of relationships and what your astrology reveals this is the workshop for you! There are so many mysteries surrounding why we connect to certain people — as well as why we don’t. Your astrology showcases all your connectivity pieces that ultimately create the magic and mystery of the relationships in your life.
Learn more about the meaning of relationships and compatibility with me on June 2. I’ll be joining my friends at Indigo Yoga Studio in Caldwell NJ. Come out and find out who your perfect match is and what you’re seeking in all connectivity matters. Also discover who you’re attracting and why it changes with time.
Your personal astrology can help you understand the nature of all your connections, including romantic partners, friends and family members. Work with me to decode the magic of all your most important relationships. Most importantly, find out what you can do to align yourself to attract the best influences!

Relationship Workshop Details

Date: June 2, 2022

Time: 6:30-8pm
Place: Indigo Yoga Studio. Caldwell NJ
Cost: $50
Space Limited.