A Planetary Sweet Spot is On Schedule to Arrive this Month

A very opportunistic Jupiter Venus conjunction is set to take place on January 22nd, one day after one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year. Even better is that this sweet planetary combo will center around the most optimistic sign, Sagittarius. Despite all the ups, downs and all-arounds you may be going through, this is a universal lucky pop to look forward too.

There’s no doubt that some of us are the middle of chaos. The astrological fact is that we’re running through the first eclipse season of 2019 and it’s creating lots of twists and turns. But something will give, in a good way, when the two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac meet up for their annual play date. There is potential for all of us to tap into some good fortune if we’re aware of it. Sagittarius will be encouraging someone’s dreams to come true.

Get ready to catch a hold of some extra optimism, as well as beneficial twists.

The universe is going to be in our corner and deliver some payback for all our trials and tribulations. If you’ve been waiting for “just the right time” to do something big or need a “help factor” to succeed in your goals –   this planetary combination could be just the ticket. It’s a special “luck factor” of the rarest kind. In true Sagittarius fashion, someone’s going to be shooting for the stars.

Jupiter and Venus are two of my favorite planets because they are just plain lucky. BUT right now their energy is even LUCKIER. The reason for that is because they are operating in the the luckiest sign–Sagittarius! Their good energy wants to encourage us to shine more optimistically than ever.  Sounds fantastic right?  I’m totally with you 😉

In general, people will be more receptive to your requests since there will be such a positive energy in the air.

If there’s something you need from someone – gear yourself up and ask!  As Nike says, “JUST DO IT.”  You may find that people will be much more willing to help you during this time. Venus is about connectivity and alliances. Her energy will be enhanced in a good way with her placement. The goddess of love will be cheering us on.

In love matters, this could be just the right time for you to take a chance on  the “WE —despite the guarantee.”  In looking at the planetary picture, I think someone’s going to fall in love with this. This is the kind of combination that can make a girl — or a guy swoon in a good way. If you’ve been eyeing a special someone – take advantage of this zodiacal love fest and ask them out.

This love fest is about all kinds of love, however, not just lovers. The Venus touch to Jupiter has the potential to help all heart related matters (both romantic, familial and platonic).

The only caveat to this wonderful+beautiful planetary date are these damn eclipses. They are creating important beginnings and endings which are not all that easy to go through. Eclipses create high emotion because they are all about change. Many of us may be saying good bye to something right now — but along with it comes a little sparkle of something advantageous. Be aware of it and use it to fuel your efforts forward — whether they are in the direction you planned to go or not.

Jupiter and Venus typically meet up only once a year – however in 2019 they will collide two times.

On November 24, we’ll get to catch a second wave of this special opportunity factor. Whatever advantage is around you now has the potential to come back round again at the end of the year. Find out where this love fest of good energy is affecting you in Member horoscopes — or generate a free chart and see where Sagittarius plays in your astrology.

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