Leo LoveMore great planetary combinations are in the works with Jupiter and Venus gearing up to collide in the playful sign of Leo. 

The 2nd part of June will just keep on getting better.  The two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac are gearing up for their annual play date and we’ll all be able to tap into their good fortune if we want to. A Jupiter Venus conjunction 2015 is in the works.

At the tail end of June, Jupiter and Venus will touch each other and not only throw some extra optimism our way – but create some beneficial twists as they play. Now don’t forget that Jupiter and Uranus are also working together nicely. Their influence will still be in play when sweet little Venus joins in.

If you’ve been waiting for “just the right time” to do something big or need a little “help factor” from the universe to succeed in your goals –  then this lucky planetary combination could be just your ticket.  The energy peaks on June 30, 2015 but will start to ramp up a few days prior.

Jupiter and Venus are my favorite planets because they are just plain lucky.  Given that they are operating in the sign of Leo—their good energy is about to shine BIGGER and BRIGHTER.

Sounds fantastic right?  I’m totally with you ????

Leo loves a stage and a receptive audience.  Give somebody a little attention around this time and you might be surprised in what benefits you get back.  This opportunistic mix can really help if you’ve been wanting to ask someone for some help but haven’t found the right time to do so yet.

In general, people will be more receptive to your requests since there will be such a positive energy in the air. So if there’s something you need from someone – gear yourself up and ask. People will be much more willing to help you during this time.

In love matters, this could be just the right time for you to take a chance on putting yourself out there. 

Venus’ (traditionally symbolic of love and relationships) touch to Jupiter will certainly help create a little luck factor in the love department.  If you’ve been eyeing a special someone – take advantage of this zodiacal lovefest and ask them out. As I mentioned earlier, this good energy will be in peak on the last day of June. However, you can start tapping into it this week given the Jupiter-Uranus combo in play .

**An added plus is that we’ll have a few extra opportunities this year to tap into this great energy.  August 4th and October 25th are the other dates when these two lucksters will meet up again in 2015.  This is because Venus will be making her rare retrograde which will begin at the end of July—giving us an extra dose of love energy.

If relationships are on your mind lately you might want to check this out: “Venus Retrograde 2015: Relationships, Fate and Karma”

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