Live classes

Crystal offers a variety of live classes, workshops and seminars throughout the year. Classes are opportunities to work with someone who works with astrology every day, meet other people, learn more about your astrology, share your experiences while listening to others and ask your most burning astrology questions. Sign up for Crystal’s next class and see how fun, easy and inspiring it is to have her as your Astro guide.

Gain Inspiration & Knowledge for Your Year Ahead

2022 Forecast: Dec 21

Work with Crystal, virtually in a group setting, on the Capricorn Solstice & change of seasons to learn more about the 2022 Forecast. Gain live inspiration, motivation and courage for the year and season ahead. Set your most powerful intentions and begin to visualize where you want to go in 2022. This workshop is part of a Bundle Pack which includes the 2022 Guide, Live Forecasting Workshop and March Aries Equinox Workshop. 

Learn About:

  • The 2022 Forecast
  • 2022 Time Lines
  • Go Periods and Slow Downs
  • Setting your Intentions for the Next
  • Details Surrounding Each Sign’s Forecast
  • Q&A

What an AMAZING seminar!!! So much food for thought!!

 Cosmic Boot Camp: Aug 25

Learn how to make practical magic with your cosmic influences. Cosmic Boot Camp is a interactive, live group workshop that combines learning about your personal astrology influences and crystal connections. No prior knowledge of astrology necessary to take this class. Personalized insight throughout class from Crystal also included! Please be ready to supply birth date, time (if known) and location of birth for a custom designed personal astrology chart. 

Learn About:

  • Your astrology chart (broken out into easy to understand terminology)
  • Personal crystal connections
  • Learn more about the moving planets and how they influence YOU 
  • Use your astrology to discover what crystals can be selected to tune into areas you’re trying to navigate & develop

I’m so thankful for this class!  I feel better knowing what to expect next.

Planning with the Planets: Aug 12

DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE > Forecasting seminar with Crystal B. detailing the movement of the planets into 2022 and beyond. This a recording of a LIVE workshop that took place on August 12, 2021 with participant Q&A. TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: • COVID Pandemic and all the issues/themes surrounding it • Economy • Important Time Lines to use for personal planning

Learn About:

  • Major Astrology Cycles in play
  • Important Dates to use for planning
  • Expected time frames of issues surrounding dealing with the pandemic and when it will end
  • What happens after the pandemic is over?