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Light it Up with the Aries April New Moon that Promises to Deliver Some of Our Most Important Initiations of 2021

Aries, the star of this Cazimi New Moon taking place on April 11 2021, is an initiator. It’s the sign that enjoys the thrill of starting over. In all actuality, it enjoys beginnings much more than endings. If you need to begin anew, Aries is the sign you want to call up. There’s only one New Moon a year in the sign that forges forward, despite the odds. Whether you are game for an adventure or not, this Aries New Moon wants you to give something new a try.

This Aries New Moon is also an opportune time to freshen something up and become alive in a totally new way. It’s also a time to reinvent yourself and perhaps your perspective on something. With Jupiter in “think different” Aquarius, sextiling the New Moon almost exact, support surrounds you to go for it. A fair amount of risk comes along (as it always must with Aries!). But despite any odds, this is a moment to get in tune with a new kind of determination and access inner strength to push ahead.

And Everything Will be Forging Ahead, Whether You Want it to or Not

At the moment of this Aries New Moon, peaking on April 11,  all planets will be moving full speed ahead. This will not be the case for the rest of 2021. In every other New Moon picture, there will be at least one if not more planets going retrograde. Indeed, this is one of the most ripe moments to rev your engine up and just hit the gas.

Be Aware of the Drawbacks

There will always be some challenges after all! This New Moon will require an honest conversation about what’s in your control and what’s not. It’s not a perfect picture by any stretch of the imagination — but it’s still a worthwhile one to tap into. Pluto will be squaring both the New Moon and Venus revealing a struggle of some nature. Someone may be domineering or trying to control things. Or perhaps you’ll need to accept that certain things will remain outside of your control by making the decision to go.

Be honest and make sure to look at the facts. Neptune, the planet that can skew our perceptions, will be squaring Mars (the ruler of this New Moon). He’ll be looming in the background putting a bit of a fog on exactly where what we’re doing will go.

Make an Intention to Connect with Your Inner Warrior

Aries is fearless and precisely the energy necessary for what’s needed at this moment of the year. The universe, indeed, always gives us what we need! With the the way the planetary scene is set we’ll all going to have a chance to get a little more warrior like. Become aware of where and what you’re willing to tackle and devote energy into.

With so much of the Aries energy surrounding us at this time, most of us are not going to sit around and do nothing with the way the planets are aligned. The forces will be enticing us to charge into something entirely new. Just be honest about how much control you have over the outcome.

Embrace the Aries Energy

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries takes fresh perspective. He’s ready + willing + eager to begin again. This is something I personally love about this sign and it’s a good energy to get in tune with right now. There are many things to celebrate with this April Aries New Moon – including gaining a new outlook on any and all of our situations.

With so much reinventive energy surrounding us this year,  use the Aries fresh perspective to help you dive into it.

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