Libra the Peaceful Warrior

Libra is the peaceful warrior.

Give a Libra a good reason and they will stand up for what’s right. Try not to be fooled by their peaceful and calm facade – they are true warriors. Being one of the Cardinal signs of the Zodiac, it’s a given that they are ambitious and natural born leaders. They just go about succeeding in a peaceful kind of way.

Libra is most known for their keen relationship skills.

A Libra wants nothing more than to work with someone because two is almost always better in their mind than one. Their networking skills are excellent and many true blue Librans can maneuver through any crowd with grace and charm.

Libra also makes an excellent matchmaker and finds true joy in pairing people together… always in hopes of making a love connection.

Out of all the signs, a Libra has the best ability to see each side of every situation – equally.

They are the quintessential diplomat and make excellent lawyers and advocates of the law. After all, the symbol that bests relates to Libra is the scale since it illustrates their inner draw to find balance and justice in all situations. No matter what, you will always be able to spot their desire for fairness. They are driven to achieve it – no matter what they cost.

Keep in mind, however, that a Libra will always approach situations with diplomacy. Peace and harmony is their preferred method. They will always try their best to achieve success without having to ruffle anyone’s feathers.  Sometimes, the delicate act of trying to keep everything balance can trigger their indecisiveness to take over.  Making hard decisions might prove difficult for this very reason. It’s not because they can’t decide – it’s because they don’t want to upset someone in the process.  When left alone, Libras can decide what to do easily. It’s when others get caught up in the mix that they tend to trip up.

Don’t be fooled by their need to take time to ponder the possibilities either. When a Libra makes a decision – they will do whatever they need to get the job done.

Remember that they are one of the initiators of the Zodiac. They will always find a way to make things happen.

If they ever invite you over – make sure you go because they will always create just the right ambiance. They have this uncanny way of making their surroundings incredibly inviting. If you survey the surroundings of a Libra – no matter where it is – you’ll likely find elements that create a natural feng shui. It must be because Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, is their planetary bestie.

In relationship matters, don’t be fooled.

We might think that Libra is all about finding that one perfect love. However, it’s not about that for them. They really are looking to blend all sides together and find that nice happy medium between two people. No one person is perfect – it’s the pair together that’s perfect in a Libra’s mind.

Libra definitely knows a lot about relationships but they aren’t as touchy-feely as some may automatically think. Being an Air sign, communication is the most important component in any type of relationship. They could spend hours and even days discussing the inner workings of how you work together. However, they prefer the discussion to stop after all the rationalizations.

The emotional and feeling side to the conversation may never surface because these things are sometimes repressed in Libras. If you want to get that deep emotional intimacy with them, you’ll need to work hard to gain their trust and help them to trust and listen to their own emotions.

Here’s a cheer to our peaceful warriors of the Zodiac. We just wouldn’t have enough balance without your important influence!

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