The Libra Equinox takes place on September 23 & Marks a Change in Season and Perspective

Officially, the Sun’s entrance into Libra sets the moment where we enter a new season—Autumn for Northern Hemisphere & Spring for the Southern Hemisphere.  New energy comes to the forefront and a different kind of consciousness takes root. The sign of Libra (otherwise known as the balancer and relationship guru) takes the stage and encourages us to get in tune with a new equilibrium.

Seasonal changes create doors of opportunity to change perspective.

This is a season where we begin the process of changing our beliefs. As Jupiter makes his final stretch through Sagittarius our beliefs will be expanded. Important opportunities now have the potential to manifest. The truth of the matter, however, is that whatever comes to your door will be because of YOU.

Take this next season to BELIEVE in your biggest fan … yourself.

No matter what anybody else says, your belief is going to count the most and get you the furthest. People who believe in themselves go far. While it’s certainly true that we’re entering a relationship zone (Libra is the sign of relationships—and connectivity with others) it’s time to take new perspective into how you actually connect.

Finding new ways to working more collaboratively (part of the genius of Libra) will begin to become a theme for many of us. As this begins to happen, don’t lose sight of your capabilities. With Saturn now moving full speed ahead in the sign of Capricorn, it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves.

As we set our intentions for this Libra Equinox and the season ahead, take your own inner balance into account.

Remember how far you’ve come since the last seasonal change at the end of June (and then all those rough July eclipses and retrogrades that came along for the ride!). It’s time to thank yourself for all the big strides made through 2019. This coming season will be an important time to make an inner peace with the outcome not only with ourselves but the new reality of our connections to others.

Believe in your capabilities, believe in your process and most importantly believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 

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