Libra August 2020 Horoscope

Refining Your Art of Charm & Diplomacy

As the month of August kicks off, communication tensions are high which brings in a high call of diplomacy. Others will likely come calling around you—and want to talk to you. This is a month that promises to be surrounded by people. I would use the momentum of this time to get your networking skills on. Making new connections will be easy in the coming weeks, but come to a screeching halt next month. Use this time wisely and don’t forget to wear your smile. The fire element will be strong in August, which works well for you. It will help you find a renewed sense of your own fire and place to shine your light.

With the Sun travelling through your 11th house, you’re going to be in a mode of wanting to be with others – rather than fly solo. You will find yourself wanting to connect with others and discover benefits in working together as a team. There is a push to work within a group or find one to become a part of. Definitely go with the urge, because there is a lot of opportunity with others rather than working by yourself right now.

An opportunistic New Moon has the potential to help you make powerful connections — and potentially an opportunity to lead a group. At a minimum, your focus will likely be around friends or organizations you are a part of—or want to be. Your girl, Venus, will also make an important wardrobe change. That’s going to put some brand new attention in your career area of life. New eyes are going to surround you, as well as new opportunities to show off a little. Good sources of attention will be looking to find you—and people will be listening to what you have to say. It’s not going to be all cupcakes and rainbows, however. By month end, Venus will get caught up in some serious snafus. Diplomacy and charm are your master weapons my friend …. continue to use it with grace as you see your way through the ins and outs!

August’s Most Important Turning Points for Your Sign
 *For greater detail scroll down for extra insight and videos into the moon’s phases and monthly Hot Spot Dates

On August 3 a “wild” Aquarius Full Moon creates a major focus on themes pertaining to your children, a romance, hobby or some sort of self-expression outlet. More details and links to video below …

Mercury finally makes a sign change on August 4 and begins to influence the same area the Sun is influencing – your house of friends, associations and groups of people. I’d expect new networking opportunities to start kicking up as a result!

On August 7, your ruling Venus also makes an important sign change (something she hasn’t done since April!) It’s time for your career and place in the public eye to start getting the planet of love’s attention, with her travels through cozy Cancer. As the Goddess of Love & Beauty moves through your house of everyday activities and surroundings, she’ll be supporting your social life, putting you together with friends, neighbors and perhaps siblings. All of your encounters with people will be light. Venus will be asking you to discover all the love in your life—- particularly with the little things. The only caveat is that later in the month (beginning on Aug 25), she’ll go up against Jupiter, Pluto & ultimately Saturn (in early September). Ouch! Check out my Hot Spot Dates below for the ins & outs.

High energy comes to your door between August 10-11. Communication guru Mercury will create mixed messages as he battles Uranus, currently operating in your sign. Watch for important insights & turning points on Aug 11, with a Quarter Moon activating your house of intimacy, help from other people and joint resources.

On August 15, Uranus (the planet that likes to SHAKE things UP) stations retrograde! Some unexpected encounters have the potential surface. Watch for insights into themes pertaining to help from others, joint resources & other people’s money. Click here for more detailed info surrounding the Uranus in Taurus transit.

August 17 marks a Sun + Mercury collision creating new information and insight in your house of friends and groups of people.

One of my favorite New Moons of 2020 takes place on August 18.  Aim high with this loud, proud & courageous renewal New Moon. Set your intentions and expect extra attention into this month’s highly active themes involving creating a new circle of friends and potentially new networking opportunities. More details and video below …

Serious plans are looking to be made and details looking to be uncovered as the sign of Virgo begins to hit the scene! On August 19, communicator Mercury enters this sign and then the Sun follows on August 22. This will start bringing your attention behind the scenes and a step away from the spotlight will begin.

Expect a high energy day on August 25, with a Quarter Moon and Mercury getting some electric shocks from Uranus. An opportunity to think outside the box will surround you. Be ready to roll with the unexpected. Your ruling Venus will also come into some opposition with Jupiter, creating temptations that aren’t necessarily based in reality.

Some magic sprinkles come onto the scene on August 27, with mystical Neptune forming a magical trine with your sweet ruling Venus. When Venus is happy …. so are you! A silver lining may surface on the hard reality of situations.

Watch for intensity as the month of August closes out. On August 30, Venus (operating in your house of career and place in the public eye) will come head to head with powerhouse Pluto in an opposition. This may create tension, as well as disconnects in your needs vs. those of others.

**Special Note: Mars goes retrograde next month, beginning on September 9 …. get all the details below and know what to expect!

Themes involving the part of your astrology that connect to fun and play come into play with this month’s Full Moon. It will put on focus on the realm of creativity, children, fun, socializing and romance. Some new discoveries in one of these areas could surface which might help you get more in tune with your subconscious desires.

On a deep level, this area is the realm of getting to understand what you like to do for yourself.  On a simple plane it’s about fun but when you look closely it’s actually finding what kind of fun you like to do for yourself – not for anyone else.

At the same time, a balancing act may come into play revolving around your hopes and dreams or an issue surrounding friends. This Full Moon could also be the wrap-up point of an important personal project or speculative venture you started about 6 months ago. A situation with a child – particularly your oldest – could finally come to a point where a resolution is achieved.  Pregnancy is also possible. Another possibility is that you make a decision about what to do about a romantic relationship – and whether or not you want to let it go or take it to another level.

This month’s New Moon energy highlights the area of your astrology surrounding friends, groups and associations. Something new in nature could begin now regarding one of these themes. You could also set an intention to make something happen in this area of your life. Friends and groups you belong to are an important focal point now and it’s important to be aware of it.

This is also good time for you to begin something new with a friend, start new friendships or perhaps begin a new group initiative. It’s also a great time to network if you’re looking to make connections. Take advantage of the feeling to get social. Mingle and live it up.

This New Moon also marks a time for you to set some new goals for yourself – including thinking about what your deepest hopes and wishes are.


Given that we all have many sign’s influences running through us, it’s always important to look at the whole range of planetary aspects taking place. Our personal astrology charts usually contain the influences of many signs. For you personally Libra, it’s important to make special note of what Venus (your ruling planet) is up to.