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The Leo Full Moon February 8-9 Pushes the Lion in All of Us to Come Into the Spotlight

The sign that likes to be seen and heard come onto the scene with the February Full Moon taking place in the showy sign of Leo. With the moon roaring in the firey sign – she’ll want a dramatic kind of show. Leo is the sign that’s on a quest of discovering who he really is. In every endeavor, he says, “I will”, and goes after whatever it takes to fill his void. It’s a given that the energy radiating off this February Full Moon will be magnified to the fullest. Get ready for a moment where courage, desires, ambition and ego all come into the spotlight.

With Chiron operating with Venus in warrior, Aries —this will be a good time to listen to your heart and seek out what it’s fighting for.

And there will be support to help you find your answers. The heart and fire of Leo working alongside Mars in “shoot for the stars” Sagittarius will help us push through barriers and get in tune with our inner message. February’s Full Moon lights up our hearts and asks us to take charge in some kind of way. While the universe will be propelling us to step into the public eye, we should also be prepared to show off our unique side through the process.

Learn more about the astrology behind the Leo Full Moon February 8-9 2020 and what area in your astrology is activated. Also get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only Full Moon video and learning visuals.

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