Leo August 2020 Horoscope

Owning My Power

Be ready for one of the most important months of your year. There is absolutely no doubt about it —- August is the month where you’ll be moving mountains and making a statement. It kicks off in your season, after all… and it’s one where promoting yourself in new ways works to your advantage. This is a time for you to own your power to the fullest …. even if you have to fake it a bit. All eyes are on you. Despite any of the odds your facing, I want you to lead this month with a brave and fearless heart. Fake it till you make it baby! Your courage, strength and fortitude will be shining examples of how to take moments of adversity and turn them into power. The August journey begins fast and furiously with a wild and crazy Full Moon. That’ll be sure to throw some necessary decisions your way–particularly in the relationship department! It may be time to say goodbye if things get a little too wild and crazy.

But on a grander scale, your sign will be a major player in ALL of the Moon’s most important moves this month, so be sure to buckle up. A courageous comeback to lead the pack also comes into play. With a powerful Leo New Moon taking place mid-month, new initiatives will be calling your name. The energy of that beautiful time frame will be sure to keep you GLOW. Prepare for a lot of positive attention and get ready to share your big love. Momentum is strong in the coming weeks to move ahead. Use any opportunity you can to create new roadways. You’ll need them in the coming months when construction stops, as we encounter a Mars retrograde (more details below).

By mid-month, you should begin to feel re-energized and feel new needs to express yourself. Experiment with new ways to get your energy out…. and try to have fun or being creative as you do it. There are a lot of playful and fun sparks all centering on your sign. You may experience people wanting to flirt with you… or you wanting to flirt with them. It may be happening more “behind the scenes” with Venus beginning to operate in your hidden house. But energy is energy and I want you to soak up the rays of love in shapes and forms!

August’s Most Important Turning Points for Your Sign
 *For greater detail scroll down for extra insight and videos into the moon’s phases and monthly Hot Spot Dates

On August 2 your ruling Sun will be getting some uncomfortable downloads from Uranus. A new need to step outside of your “norm” may be calling.

On August 3 an Aquarius Full Moon creates a major turning point in themes pertaining to partnerships & your closest relationships. Prepare to get in tune with some major AHA moments, with your Sun playing a LEAD role in this Full Moon Story! More details and links to video below …

Mercury finally makes a sign change on August 4 and begins to influence your sign that MOST. As Mercury travels through the heart of the lion (aka: LEO) I’d expect your communications to ramp up. People are going to be looking to hear what you have to say …. And you may not be able to stop yourself.  Mars will also be putting some pressure on Jupiter at the same time, possibly creating some luck, strength and courage to keep shining your light.

On August 7, Venus also makes an important sign change (something she hasn’t done since April!) It’s time for your service & “giving back” area to start getting the planet of love’s attention, as she travels through the sign of cozy Cancer. While this is a hidden area and not necessarily a Leo favorite, the spiritual rewards are great.  But there are caution points. This could be a time of self-denial in relationships (both intimate and platonic). Which means there may be a call to help a loved one in some way. Given your BIG HEART, you may feel compelled to participate in a charitable cause or give back to your community in some kind of way.

On August 13, Mars will rub shoulders in the wrong way with powerhouse Pluto. Given your nature to lead, expect new motivations to take control of something. The path is not easy, and forces surrounding us will be great. It’ll be up to you to tackle what’s in your control vs. what’s not.

On August 15, Uranus (the planet that likes to SHAKE things UP) stations retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This is going to create a moment in the spotlight for you. Some unexpected encounters have the potential to find all of us. Watch for insights into themes pertaining to your career and place in the public eye. Click here for more detailed info surrounding the Uranus in Taurus transit.

A great day awaits you on August 16, with Mars getting some beneficial action from both Mercury & your ruling Sun in your sign. You’ll be moving and shaking – in powerful ways!

August 17 marks a Sun + Mercury collision in your sign creating new information and insight in your most important house (1st house). Expect your voice to be heard!

One of my favorite New Moons of 2020 takes place on August 18 in your sign.  You, in particular, should aim high with this loud, proud & courageous renewal New Moon. It’s time for you to put forth your bravest heart! Set your intentions and expect extra attention into this month’s highly active New Moon Story. You’re the star in this story! More details and video below …

Serious plans are looking to be made and details looking to be uncovered as the sign of Virgo begins to hit the scene! On August 19, communicator Mercury enters this sign and then the Sun follows on August 22. This will start putting new attention into themes surrounding money and resources.

Watch for intensity as the month of August closes out. On August 30, Venus (operating in your under-cover service-oriented house) will come head to head with powerhouse Pluto in an opposition. This may create tension, as well as disconnects in your needs vs. those of others. Watch for giving too much.

**Special Note: Mars goes retrograde next month, beginning on September 9 …. get all the details below and know what to expect!

This month’s Full Moon will be very powerful for you. This is because it’s taking place in your polar opposite sign. A major pull is taking place surrounding something you need to do.  Themes involving close and personal relationships now come into play. This Full Moon could also help you discover some new truths about the way you operate in your close relationships. An important decision in regards to this may come into play.  Your identity and how you assert yourself might be put on the spot. There is a major focus on relationships now and perhaps competitors that you deal with.  You will be finding out exactly how well you can work within the dynamics the universe is presenting.

Remember it’s not just about lovers when I mention relationships.  Close friends, business partners – even competitors could come into full focus.  There could also be some agreements that are finally finalized or an alliance could end in some way. A head over heart matter could surface at this time. Try to keep a practical viewpoint on your situation and honor your own needs through the process.

This is a New Moon that is most impactful for you because it takes place in your sign. It will highlight your 1st house and really showcase who you are at your core. This is a time where things that you’ve been thinking about – or reassessing or reviewing- in the weeks prior come together. All that internalizing that you do so well, now has a chance to manifest in an outward way.

The first house is the realm of your impression on world and this is when you might decide to switch things up in how you are seen and heard by others. Perhaps you take on a new look or begin a new regimen to improve your health. This is a great time to beautify or do something to improve your look such as start a new diet or health routine. If f the thought to improve yourself in some way shape or form comes over you – this is a great time to get it going.


Given that we all have many sign’s influences running through us, it’s always important to look at the whole range of planetary aspects taking place. Our personal astrology charts usually contain the influences of many signs. For you personally Leo, it’s important to make special note of what the Sun (your ruling planet) is up to.