December 29 2020 Cancer Full Moon Last Full Moon of the Year

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The Last Full Moon of 2020 Takes Place in Cancer – the Same Sign as the First Full Moon of this Wild Year

Cancer, the sign of the great protector and mother, holds those it cares about ever so close. It is the great nurturer and influencer of the zodiac that let’s us know that feelings count for more than most of us think. The Cancer message will be strong as we close out this wild year!  Themes of protector, family matters and female empowerment are destined to help us wrap up the roller coaster ride of the last twelve months. 

Interestingly enough, the FIRST Full Moon of 2020 (a Lunar Eclipse) was also in Cancer. Her influence welcomed us into one of the most difficult years and now it will help us say good bye. Expect to see Cancer themes dominate including heavy emotions, female leadership, family first and mental health awareness as we close the doors of 2020. 

People can sometimes discount emotions and see sensitivity as weakness. However, Cancer is here to showcase otherwise. Never discount Cancer’s ability to persevere and do whatever is necessary to protect those they love. The sign of Cancer has the potential to lead the most ferocious battle when it deems a cause necessary. Being a cardinal sign, they are perseverant and driven. Some of the most successful people are born under this sign. A Cancer always goes in “all or nothing.” Similar to a crab that clutches onto something for dear life, a Cancer does the same.  It has an ability like no other to hang on to things it loves. Letting go is never an option. When a Cancer takes something into their heart they guard it forever.

There’s so much more to this complex sign that can be an enigma to many—- and this is the sign that will help us wrap up our 2020 journey. As the Moon in Cancer tells her tale, Uranus (the planet of freedom and unexpected encounters) will be forming an opportunistic sextile with her. As a result, some of us will be presented with powerful help factors that will entice us to welcome change and break free from restrictions of the past.

Along with the freedom factors will come a need for control. That’s because the sign of Capricorn will be a strong presence with the Sun opposing the emotional Moon. Jupiter and Saturn will also be playing their part. The duo now firmly placed in the fixed sign of Aquarius is beginning to work their new influence in the skies (which includes a square to Uranus that is the back drop of the 2021 story). Unfortunately, change and control don’t always go hand in hand. That’s where some part of the struggle of this Full Moon story comes into play. It’s time to move out of our old fixations and get on with something entirely new. Be ready to give into some of the water flowing with this full moon and just go with the flow.

Use the last Full Moon of 2020 to do what we’ve been forced to do for the last year—and just keep going. Honor the journey that has included many more valleys than peaks — and the one that has prepared us to go where we need to next.

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