Mars Retrograde Ends on August 27, 2018

He will begin to station direct right alongside the August Pisces Full Moon (peaking on August 26th) and create an important turning point FORWARD. Looking at the place in our personal astrology effecting us most when Mars Retrograde ends is beneficial. This is the place where Mars will make his turn and create a jolt ahead in some facet of our lives. The place where Mars moves direct is where we will start forging ahead and making progress. It’s important to be reminded that things will move ahead once again. We will not remain in this “walking through mud” phase for much longer.

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After a long, hard and emotional eclipse/retrograde season I’m sure that most of us out there don’t feel like that now. But we’ve got to keep our eye on the prize. Get ready to move mountains come the end of the month. While new endeavors have likely gotten off to a slow start things will begin to forge ahead very soon. We’re in the final stretch of being able to hit the GO button.

This particular Mars retrograde, which began on June 26th 2018, has been difficult for many. It’s created an energy lull, anger, emotional twists & turns and all too much internalizing. Energy just hasn’t been able to get out properly. People have become more angry and frustrated.

In addition to miscommunications (thanks to a Mercury Retro also in play) the Mars Retrograde has had an effect on our goals and plans. Future forecasting has been rather difficult given all the detours in play. Road blocks and just a low energy have prevented us from doing what we want. Planning for Mars direct (the moment he goes forward) is beneficial because it can help us look beyond all this. It can help us know that hope is on the horizon and a turning point of new breath will follow it.

Looking at the specific area that’s personally in effect, when the Mars retrograde ends, will give us some major clues into areas we are about to move ahead in.

Since Mars is our action planet, he likes to tackle things. When he finally stations direct, it’s important to know what area of our life he’ll be affecting most. This is going to be the place where we will feel a big shift forward. It’s also going to be the place where we will be most action and goal oriented over the next several months.

When Mars Retrograde ends and he moves direct in Capricorn, one of the signs he is strongest in, big things can happen.

Thinking about our plans of what we can do with this energy surge will be both a help and hope factor as we make our way to the end of the month.

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