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The good luck planet, Jupiter, is about to help us get a little closer to our Inner Dragon

On March 8th, Jupiter in Scorpio will officially station backwards and begin his annual retrograde period. We’re immersing into the time of year where it’s time to start going within and Jupiter will lead the pack.

And as he turns, he will expand his energy and help us ride our own inner dragon.

We’ve all got a dragon living deep within us somewhere. It’s our force to be reckoned with and one that allows us to transform our deepest pain and hurts into strength. We may be in touch with our dragon – embracing his power. Or on the flip side we may fear those forces and push them down.

In my opinion, Scorpio is the sign that relates strongest to the power of the dragon.  Scorpio is also the sign that Jupiter is fully immersed in. It’s the sign that dances in the dark and feels the depths of emotion  on a very deep plane- similar to the dragon.

Scorpio brings light to the surface—only once it’s seen the dark and found a way to stare it down. Transformation is its key and part of our inner dragon’s message as well.

The good news is that by the end of Jupiter’s retrograde twe should be more in touch with whatever that message is.

Some say that Jupiter retrograde takes luck down a few notches because his energy isn’t so expansive. However, some of us will catch an opportunity as a result of the Jupiter retrograde station that will start to build the closer we get to March 8th.  The moment any planet gets ready to turn direction his essence becomes a lot stronger.

The Scorpio dragon that Jupiter’s been riding since early October might send something beneficial our way—if we’re lucky enough to be in tune with it. Even if we’re not – Jupiter’s message will be strong. Some of us will likely make a few new discoveries along the Jupiter retrograde way. He’ll be helping us to expand our thinking & see things in different ways. This coming period is about taking the things we began to expand upon in October (when Jupiter entered Scorpio) to a new level.

And the message will revolve around Scorpionic themes.

No matter what your sign, Jupiter’s move back does have an effect on all of us in some way or another.

Jupiter is the planet that is all about possibilities and being open to new things.  He goes big, after all, and he likes us to be open to many different things.

But it’s fine tuning time …. and a moment is likely needed to stop and get in tune with whatever our inner dragon’s message is. The energy of 2018 is all about ‘crystalizing our new vision’ because of all of the planetary energies out there. Jupiter’s move back will just enhance our abilities to get in touch with whatever we’re trying to expand in our life.

Good luck in finding whatever your Jupiter dragon delivers. I have no doubt that he’s about to make a pretty big statement either way. Jupiter can’t turn direction without being noticed …. he’s just too damn big!

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