Lady Justice by GenieMelisande

Lady Justice by GenieMelisande

The FINAL phase of 2017’s biggest planetary energy, the Jupiter Pluto Square, is officially in motion.

On August 4th, 2017, the third and final Jupiter Pluto Square will take place and create a finale of some sort to our ever changing stories. Jupiter and Pluto began their turmoil at the end of November and then Uranus (the planet of upheaval got involved towards the end of December). It’s been a rough challenge to say the least but there are positives to gain. Despite the uncertainty around us, the influence of the energies at hand are helping to guide us into a more optimistic frame of mind. They are also creating a ton of potential for achieving our goals. Their influence has been fueling us to get in touch with our biggest successes—or our worst failures.

As we try to understand the true motive of these radical influences, it’s important to keep the main characters in mind. Jupiter (the planet of possibility ) and Pluto (the planet of power and transformation) now take the stage.

Jupiter: Planetary Influence #1

Jupiter is Mr. Optimism. He’s the planet that thinks big and looks for the possibilities. Invite him to the party if you’re looking to make a statement and have an upbeat vibe. For most of 2017, Jupiter will be in Libra wearing his “let’s work this out together” clothes and that is going to have an effect on his influence.

Libra wants progressive change and will always try to take action to get it peacefully. This is a sign that is also very connected to justice and what’s right for some isn’t always right for others. We can expect these Libra influences to be maximized with the BIG planet operating there.

Pluto: Planetary Influence #2

Pluto is Mr. Power. He’s the planet that wants to be on top and doesn’t fear the process of transformation and destruction to get it. Eliminating things that aren’t working and getting in touch with our own inner desire is Pluto’s MO. He can also be a tad obsessive and go to the ends of the earth to get what he wants.

Pluto is wearing his Capricorn clothes (and has been for quite some time) which is transforming the status quo and the idea of “normal.” The definition of traditional has gone through radical transformation and will continue to, as a result.

So what happens when these two very different planetary influences get together in a challenging way?

The Jupiter Pluto Square can create an obsessive need to achieve our goals and make a change.  It’s time to take pushing the envelope to a whole new level.

If you’ve been feeling a growing sort of obsessive need to achieve something -then you’re being affected by this planetary influence.  The time has arrived to get better in touch with what we feel is right. It’s high time to seek out our own justice for whatever it is we’re fighting for.

From a general standpoint, we can expect to continue to see more protests and disagreements as we continue to push through these impactful energies. On a personal level, we will also start seeing people stand up for themselves and what they believe is right.

Something is now calling us to stand up in order to even out the scales — because they have likely been tipped in the wrong direction.

This is an energy that is demanding that we get in touch with justice for both the greater good and for ourselves.

But we have to be careful and not push too far. That’s where the problematic side of this energy comes into play.

Jupiter wants to take a great leap into all that juicy possibility while Pluto is taunting him to go for it— no matter what the cost.

Some helpful tips to deal with this Jupiter Pluto Square and the radical push for achieving our goals:

  1. Manage expectations of situations
  2. Be mindful of people’s reactions to your desires and be open to possible alternative solutions
  3. Know when to “drop the rope” and call enough is enough
  4. Remember the art of persuasion sometimes takes patience; We can’t force our ideas onto others
  5. Be careful of overconfidence and overreaching by taking on too much
  6. Have a willingness to compromise (at least a little!)

Similar to people, the planets go through waves of getting along and then disagreeing. This is the circle of the universe and the ups and downs are always necessary in order to reshuffle the deck of cards we’re holding.

It’s a wonderful beautiful thing when the planets are getting along harmoniously. Opportunity and easy energy are around for the taking during these waves. But when the planets are challenged our outlook on situations can change and we get pushed into breaking points where decisions need to be made.

These planetary ups and downs have a direct impact on our lives. If you’re curious about what happens next, the Jupiter Pluto Square is part of the answer. The only question left to ask ourselves is what will we do with it? Stand up or sit down? What’s worth it and what’s not?

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Abraham Lincoln

Jupiter Pluto Square Dates 2016-2017

  • November 24th, 2016 (15 degrees Libra/Capricorn)
  • March 30th, 2017 (19 degrees Libra/Capricorn)
  • August 4th, 2017 (17 degrees Libra/Capricorn)


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