A Special Kind of Magic Blows into the Air With a Jupiter Neptune Trine

If you’re in need of a little universal help this very special combination could be just the ticket. On May 25, 2018, the second phase of a magical combination involving one of the biggest “feel good” energies of 2018 comes into play once again. Jupiter (the planet of belief) and Neptune (the planet of mystics & unexplainable phenomenon) have been persuading us to look at the more spiritual, emphathetic & mystical side of life. Special and even unexplainable opportunities have been coming up as a result of their connection.

The humanitarian side of our personalities is now prompted and more people are now getting drawn to charity work or lending a helping hand. Our feelings and empathy to others is running strong. The best part of all is that this “feel the feelings” combination could deliver something opportunistic that makes our eye sparkle in delight. It’s a truly magical mix filled with opportunity and power fuel to recharge our emotional tanks. 

May 25, 2018 marks the 2nd exact Jupiter Neptune trine but its effects will be in play for a few weeks. The first took place on Dec 2, 2017— so if you had anything important or opportunistic pop up at that time a new wave of it could be flying in again. The cycle will be in effect through August when it will peak for the last time.

Being aware of the caution points are also important. If we’re not careful, we could get tossed into our own personal la la land.

Watch Crystal B’s new video explaining more about the Jupiter Neptune trine. Get your important tips to maneuvering through this ocean of emotion and opportunity!

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